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What do you think really happened in the experiment?

  • They managed to render a ship invisible to radar and nothing more

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • They managed to render a ship invisible to the eye and nothing more

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  • They ripped holes in space and time severly messing up human subjects involved

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • They controlled minds of subjects

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  • Something more sinister

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  • None of the above

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Mea Culpa and All of That

Sorry, my bad, stupid frontier colonialist.

But, wait, that means that the fiber-optics weave has to be MY idea.

I wonder if it would work?
Returning the the Montauk Project I note the latest book by Peter Moon on this (he co-authored all the books but is going solo on this) is:

The Montauk Book Of The Dead
by Peter Moon (2005)

www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/09678 ... ntmagaz-21
www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0967816 ... enantmc-20

Now this initially looks like another in the series but it is odder than that (and I suspect that's saying something ;) ):


At age 27, L Ron Hubbard clinically 'died' only to discover that he could remote view. From this state of consciousness, which would later be called 'exterior', he was able to access what he termed the answers to all of the questions that had ever puzzled philosophers or the minds of men. Transcribing this information into a work entitled Excalibur, which is still under lock and key to this day, he developed one of the most controversial movements in history: Dianetics and Scientology. The truth and import of the above can only be evaluated by the all out war which was waged by governmental forces and spy agencies to obtain the legally construed rights to the above mentioned work and all of the developments and techniques that ensued from it. "The Montauk Book of the Dead" is the personal story of Peter Moon which not only pierces the mystery of death but gives an unbiased behind-the-scenes look at one of the most controversial figures in history and the bizarre legacy of his death. Read this book and expect to learn more than you ever thought possible.

From a review on Amazon.com:

The author, whose latest paperback plays host to sixty-one information packed chapters (including a few mind-bending transmissions from a parallel universe) takes the reader on an eye-opening and thought provoking odyssey into his adventures and experiences with Dianetics, Scientology, the legendary L. Ron Hubbard as well as powerful symbolisms laced like a golden thread through the path of his life.

Of all the people I have ever met in the paranormal, metaphysical, ufological or supernatural arenas, Peter Moon is the only person I know who actually had the opportunity to meet and work with L. Ron Hubbard and his personal staff for several years.

And if it's fair and balanced objectivity you want, you've come to the right book. No punches are pulled in The Montauk Book Of The Dead as approximately thirty-eight chapters are devoted to Moon's personal accounts with Dianetics as well as his spiritual, social and political narratives regarding Scientology's historical significance on a global scale, past and present.

Peter Moon's perspective on his formative years in childhood, as well as his accomplishments with Scientology, is what lays the groundwork for the latter part of the book as the reader gains some powerful insights on how the author was destined to eventually cross paths with paranormal synchronicities and occult symbolisms rooted in The Montauk Project of Long Island.

Now I don't know but why does this all get my Spidey senses tingling?

So anyone read this or get any more insight into it?
I don't believe the Philadelphia Experiment (even IF it truly took place) fired naval vessls backwards and forewards in time or even rendered them linvisible to the human eye.

On the other had, there is such a difference between the Philadelphia Experiment legends (especially post-Al Bielek) and the "flying saucer" "contactee" stories of the 1950s.

Those 1950s yarns featured trips to an impossible Saturn in cardboard spacecraft piloted by equally-cardboardish crews spouting pseudo-religious platitues which would have been embarrassments on second-rate greeting cards.

But the Philadelphia and Montauk legends read like the richest and most multi-layered and deeply-textured science fiction novel.
Thats probably because the PE and MP have been worked on by a number of authors and probbaly an equal number of people with a less than solid grasp on reality.

Single person stories from the very early days can hardly compete with that kind of effort.

Anyway as I like answering my own questions - Scientology and Montauk:

Another family name which Peter Moon has found crops up in this field with notable frequency is Wilson. One member of the Wilson clan who has been very influential in the modern world and who has been consistently in opposition certainly to some of the agendas of the secret (worldwide) government is L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Hubbard is the name of his adoptive parents but he was born a Wilson. Peter Moon was fairly high up in the Scientology network in the 1970s when Hubbard was quite active personally, and has researched this genetic angle exhaustively.


Though not publicized much in the more popular, "outer" teachings of Dianetics, those in Hubbard's inner circles were quite aware that some of his non-published, internal material which Hubbard allowed access to addressed very specifically ill-intentioned extraterrestrials or extradimensionals which capture human souls--usually between lifetimes. These beings implant (false) spiritual, psychological even sociopolitical concepts designed to keep souls trapped and enslaved as it were--by continually and endlessly reincarnating into an external reality or world already heavily controlled and manipulated in so many ways; by those who maintain and broadcast the dominant "frequencies" which make up the (quantum/ electromagnetic) matrix of our perceived and experienced reality via such operations as the Montauk project. This fits some vast agenda of human spiritual (and physical!) enslavement and corresponding conditions; a longstanding agenda of the secret, cultic "governments" which support, further and foster this ongoing, mass manipulation of the human race through the indoctrinated and/or enforced political, religious and other social systems.


Montauk Project author Peter Moon was a Scientology member and in fact occasionally worked directly with Hubbard. Moon seems certain that Hubbard in fact was pretty much on the opposite team, certainly in terms of the known objectives of Phoenix/Montauk, regarding "mind control". Moon believes Hubbard to have been on the whole dedicated to the personal spiritual emancipation of human beings from programming of virtually any kind


Hubbard was of course a participant in the so called "Babalon Working", some mystical ceremony enacted along with fellow Aleister Crowley adherents Jack (JPL/Cal-Tech/Father of modern rocketry) Parsons and Marjorie Wilson Cameron. This ceremony has been said to have certain esoteric correspondences with the Philadelphia Experiment, and may have (helped) open some dimensional channel enabling negative ET's easier access to our dimension/reality--a new freeway was put in.

Perhaps to that extent that Hubbard was some kind of influence on the more mystical aspects of Montauk/Phoenix operation, but I don't believe he would have supported the specific goals of the project at all.


Pos. going off at a tangent (before bringing it home again):

Among other Montauk Project and Ong's Hat/Incunabula information, we discussed information from the Montauk books by Preston B Nichols and Peter Moon. I heard one person on the tape who is a prominent proponent of the Montauk Project theories. I heard this person discuss the process of the disinformation campaign that this Montauk Project subject has become and their role in it. They also spoke of another person by name who is involved.

All of the parties involved in 'passing on' the Monatuk Project and Incunabula information state that they do not necessarily pass the info on as fact.. They say that people should take it as they find it. With this in mind you could say that if they have been spreading disinformation then it has been the reader's decision to believe in whatever they want. This would indeed be true to some extent, however, if they have been spreading disinformation that they KNEW to be such, then their lame attempt to pass the responsibility for their lies to the reader with the standard disclaimer is hardly justified.


A few hours later I received a call from 'Peter Moon'. He asked me what was in the information that I had seen and who was named. I told him I didn't want to discuss it and he attempted to use our 'friendship' to procure the details from me. I refused to be drawn on it. He asked me if it had anything to do with Joe Matheny's membership of the OTO and Golden Dawn (which we had discussed before) I refused to answer. It should also be noted here that in previous conversation with 'Peter Moon' he has told me that Joe Matheny had considered "admitting that the Ongs Hat/Incunabula thing was a hoax, but because he has invested so much into it he can't". Peter informed me that "you are the weakest link and have been voted off". By the time Joe Matheny had later emailed me about how I should "realise the consequences of black magick......my dear" I was getting used to their brand of dark threatening (so-called) humor.

Also during the telephone conversation with 'Peter Moon', he told me that I should not go any further with any information as Joe Matheny would litigate against me for anything I said about him. When I updated this site with that statement, but without naming 'Peter Moon' at the time, Joe Matheny emailed me demanding the name of the person who had said that about him as he would sue them for misrepresentation. When he was made aware that in was in fact 'Peter' who had told me, Joe said he "of course I would not sue Peter". 'Peter Moon' stated in the same telephone conversation that Joe had "shut up Marshall Barnes so he can't even move, or say a word, so what do you think he could do to you". 'Peter' made it very clear 'who' you are dealing with when you are dealing with Joe Matheny.


The above details are to inform everyone of the events that have surrounded my decision to publish here, that in my opinion ( based on the documents and tape, I have seen and heard, and my personal experience) the Montauk Project conspiracy and Incunabula/Ongs Hat meme project are not what they purport to be at all. They are designed for something which is far more dangerous and insidious than any of the stories that surround those two 'programs'.

I can confirm that the documents and tape that I saw and heard did include information on all those involved in promoting the Montauk Project and Incunabula disinformation. I can confirm that the documents and information involved, include (among other organisations, private and government) OTO documents and those of the Scientologists. One 'coincidence' to note here, is that at no time until now have I mentioned the involvement of the Scientologists, however they have seen fit to attempt to deter me from releasing any of the information at this website. They knew what it concerned even though I had not even mentioned them. I am aware that the links between the OTO, Scientology, and naval personnel, are known and that 'Peter Moon' has 'covered that base' by writing into the Montauk 'story', a 'history' of his account of 'leaving' them before starting to write the Montauk books. However the information I have seen and heard does not concur with the public image being portrayed at present, and what is currently publically available is far from the whole story. It is also a common tactic for people to mention a 'part' of the truth (like 'Peter Moon's' involvement with the Scientology) so that when the whole truth comes out, people revert to the first thing they heard.


Peter Moon, o course, has published the main Ong's Hat book which is largely a drawing together of the informaiton availbale online. More here:


So perhaps the Scientology links and the fact that it all reads like fancy sci-fi aren't a coincidence. :shock:
By Jingo even Icke gets in on the game:

Peter Moon, researcher/publisher/author, is the co-author of the Montauk Project book series, and has written extensively about his adventures with synchronicity as it relates to space-time projects. He began delving into the principles of the mind and spirit when he studied Scientology and ended up working as a personal confidante to L. Ron Hubbard aboard the mystery ship Apollo. During his twenties, he studied implants and how to clear them, two decades before "implant" became a household word.

Additionally, he studied how to accomplish the complete rehabilitation of the human spirit. An unbiased look at these studies led him to an examination of Hubbard's pre-Scientology life and the latter's association with rocket scientist Jack Parsons and the work of Aleister Crowley. At this point, Peter found himself trafficking with some of the most interesting occultists in the world, and more importantly, discovered the remnants of a real life implant station at Montauk Point NY.

http://web.archive.org/web/200410110723 ... ntauk.html

And from a chapter in one of the Montauk books - Moon on Hubbard (followed by some other commnets):

Government agents reportedly used to take bets on how fast they could put Hubbard in prison. Although they were not successful in this regard, I believe he was under constant psychotronic attack during the time the Montauk Project was in operation. He even ended up on Long Island during most of 1973.


Hubbard, The Druid

The somewhat cryptical remark in the last three lines of Peter Moon's article needs explaining: the Wilson clan is a family of highly initiated Scottish witches. Members of this family went abroad and settled in the USA. Ron Hubbard's father Harry Ross Hubbard was a Wilson really and had been adopted by a family named Hubbard. Which means that Ron grew up in fairly elevated spiritual circles. (I should think he chose a family to suit his purposes as you'll see in a moment.)

I'm taking this from a chapter on the Wilson family in "Montauk Revisited". Preston Nichols, like other authors before, tries to explain the relationship of Hubbard and Crowley by saying that Hubbard learned from Crowley and that the link between the two was Jack Parsons who Hubbard did experiments in magick with. (Jack Parsons was a rocket engineer and a disciple of Crowley. See the chapter on him in "Montauk Revisited".)

Interview with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols


Weirdo "fact" of the day:

In regards to the producer of The Philadelphia Experiment movie, an even greater curiosity abounds. According to the official scribe for the Montauk investigation, Peter Moon, the actor Mark Hamill — who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars Trilogy — is the actual producer of the film, though he chooses to keep this fact hidden from the public. It has been hinted at by Moon that a gentleman named Mark Knight (aka Mark Hamill) was a childhood friend of Montauk experiencer Preston Nichols, and that Hamill was instrumental in securing work for Nichols as a sound engineer on The Empire Strikes Back. It should also be noted that Hamill's father was an officer with Naval Intelligence, an agency long rumored to be mired in mind control conspiracies and assorted covert operations, one of which was, allegedly, the Montauk Project. Furthermore, Moon contends that Mark Hamill worked at Montauk during its halcyon days of time travel shenanigans and mind control meddlings.

Mighty_Emperor said:
"Thats probably because the PE and MP have been worked on by a number of authors and probbaly an equal number of people with a less than solid grasp on reality. Single person stories from the very early days can hardly compete with that kind of effort."

True, but I don't think that entirely explains it. Single-person abduction reports from the 1960s and later are also a LOT more believeable (whether they are literally true or not) than George Adamski's 1950s trips to Saturn.
Possibly because we are seeing the earlier reports out of context - I suppose in the 50s trips to Saturn sounded a bit more believable.

Also a lot of more recent abduction narratives have been recovered hypnically over a number of sessions so they have also been worked on by at least two people to get them more honed.

Anyway more MP-related stuff:

The Music of Time

by Preston Nichols with Peter Moon

A Real Life Adventure! Carved into the annals of rock 'n roll history is an enigmatic and legendary sound engineer who was affectionately known in the music industry as "Little Buddha" Loved by musicians and producers for his mysterious and uncanny knack to produce hit after hit record, Little Buddha's identity has remained a virtual secret until now as Preston Nichols comes forward and reveals his hidden role in the recording industry where he worked as an expert sound engineer and recorded hundreds of hit records during the Golden Era of rock 'n roll.

Already famous for his involvement in time experiments known as the Montauk Project and heralded as one of the few people in the world who understand the true physics of time, Preston Nichols explains how subliminals and mind control were used to influence the masses who listened to rock 'n roll.

Beginning with his early work for Time Records, Preston chronicles his innovations in sound engineering and tells how he constructed the premier music studio in the world for Phil Spector at Bell Sound. Having created a Mecca for talented musicians, Preston soon found himself surrounded by and interfacing with the likes of the Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, and many more such popular acts. For the first time, Preston reveals his employment at Brookhaven Labs and how his connections in the music industry were used for mind control and manipulation of the masses.

http://hiddenmysteries.com/xcart/produc ... ctid=16262

www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/09678 ... ntmagaz-21
www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0967816 ... enantmc-20

and an interview:

Preston Nichols seems to be a bit of an expert in "hand scanning" using "Reichian" techniques:


So, what would happen in those rooms alone with Nichols? According to Kihl the subject undresses and lies down. Nichols massages the legs and arms and chest and head, "scanning" for frequencies. Then he takes the penis and strokes it, still scanning. Nichols mastrubates the subject until the edge of orgasm, freezing the subject in a sort of pre-orgasmic dreamstate that was supposed to reverse, or nullify the "sexual magic" of the Montauk chair. To "ground" his subject against EM interference, Nichols grips the testicles. Sometimes, he attaches electrodes to the ears. (In response, Nichols said: "Not all of them would come to orgasm")

All sounds a bit queer to me. 8)
Mighty_Emperor said:
"Possibly because we are seeing the earlier reports out of context - I suppose in the 50s trips to Saturn sounded a bit more believable."

Sorry, but no. I grew up with those 1950s contactee stories (I was 11 at the time of George Adamski's supposed first meeting with the alien in 1952) and from the first time I heard of Adamski (before even his first book got published) I thought his story dreadfully thin and his "aliens" like bad fiction by a high school sophomore. His "dome ship" photographs looked as though the "craft" was made from pressed tin and fitted with Cellophane windows. (The damned thing would have leaked like a sieve out in the back garden during a summer rainshower, let alone carrying passengers through space!) And the cigar-shaped "mother ships" were even worse - obviously cut from cardboard (using a rather dull knife) and laid against a dark "sky" background.

Yet Adamski's stories and photographs were the best of the entire sorry ilk!

And let me add that I was NOT a UFO skeptic and was at that time fully a partisan of the ETH.
Although I'm sure it is purely subjective but both lots sound like bad sci-fi - probably why I find the Hubbard link intriguing.

Pietro_Mercurios said:
All sounds a bit queer to me. 8)

There is an awful lot of sex-magick involved in the story (another connection to Hubbard?). One can only speculate about how people came to believe they were masturbating young blond men and sending them off on secret missions in time.

Thta is a good resource you link to there - I saved the piccies off as viewing them online isn't the best way (and they could disappear overnight).
Mighty_Emperor said:

There is an awful lot of sex-magick involved in the story (another connection to Hubbard?). One can only speculate about how people came to believe they were masturbating young blond men and sending them off on secret missions in time.

Thta is a good resource you link to there - I saved the piccies off as viewing them online isn't the best way (and they could disappear overnight).
Considering Preston Nichols' imaginative claims to have been an expert in mind control and a master sound engineer, in the book 'The Music of Time': Joe Meek springs to mind. Perhaps Nichols is a fan?
Regardless of what may be said of the man's other faults (and they were many), the L. Ron Hubbard of the late 1930s and 1940s was one heck of a good, even great, author of science-fiction and fantasy stories.
I am thinking more of his later work (which we shall not name lest it be invoked and get shown again on TV)

Of course bad sci-fi is just my opinion - it reads like sci-fi whether one classes it as good or bad is down to your tastes.
I finally got around to typing out the report from the SS Mohican:

It was shortly after the sun had gone, and we were in latitude 37 degrees 16 minutes and longtitude 72 degrees 14 minutes. The sea was almost as level as a parlour carpet and scarcely a breeze ruffled the water. It was slowly growing dark when the lookout saw a strange gray cloud in the southeast. At first it appeared as a speck on the horizon, but it rapidly came nearer and was soon as large as a balloon.
It had a peculiar gray tinge, and as it bore down upon us we saw bright glowing spots in it's mass. A mile away we perceived that it rose several hundred feet above the level of the sea and was almost that broad. It rolled over the sea towards us, the glowing spots becoming more and more vivid ... [When enveloped:] The Mohican suddenly blazed forth like a ship on fire... The seamen were in terror when they found themselves looking as if they had been immersed in hell fire. Their hair stood straight on end, not from the fright so much as from the magnetic power of the cloud.
They rushed about on the deck in consternation; and the more they rushed about the more excited they became. I tried to calm them but the situation was beyond me. I looked at the [compass] needle and it was flying around like an electric fan. I ordered several of the crew to move some iron chains that were lying about on the deck, thinking that it would distract their attention. But what was the surprise to find that the sailors could not budge the chains, although they did not weigh more than 75 pounds each. Everything was magnetized, and chains, bolts, spikes and bars were as tight on the deck as if they had been riveted there.The cloud was so dense that it was impossible for the vessel to proceed. I could not see beyond the decks, and it appeared as if the whole world was a mass of glowing fire. The frightened sailors fell on the deck and prayed. I never saw anything so terrifying... After we had been in the cloud about ten minutes, we noticed that it became difficult to move our arms and legs, in fact, all joints of the body seemed to stiffen.
... For a half hour we were enveloped in that mysterious vapor. And for nearly all that time, after the sailors' first cries of fright had subsided, there was a great silence over everything that only added to the terror. I tried to talk but the words refused to leave my lips. The density of the cloud was so great that it would not carry sound.
Suddenly, the cloud began to lift. The phosphorescent glow of the ship and then crew began to fade. It gradually died away and at the same time the stiffness left the hair. In a few minutes the cloud had passed over the vessel and we saw it moving off over the sea. It loomed above the water like a great grey mass, spotted like a leopard's back with the bright glowing patches.
The crew gradually regained their composure and whispered to one another. I went among them, telling that all danger was past and they slowly went about their work. When I ordered them to move the chains for the second time, the men had no trouble in lifting them and tossing them about. Then I took a look at the [compass] needle and it was steadily pointing to the north, as if nothing had occured. I have sailed the seas for many years and, but I have never encountered a cloud like that. It must have been composed of some magnetized substance, which at the same time was combined with phosphorous.
Originally appeared as 'Electric Cloud Enveloped Ship', in The Philadelphia Enquirer, 1st August 1904, page 8.
I forgot to add that the text above was taken from Michael Shoemaker's excellent article 'The Lightwheel Wonder' (Fortean Studies Volume 2).
USS Eldridge

Found this the other day. Thought someone may be interested?

The Current Whereabouts of the USS Eldridge
The Ship Tested in the Philadelphia Experiment
( reported by George Pantoulas )
The more I have correspondence with our new friend George, the more I begin to see that we have found the "Indiana Jones" of Greece. Once again, George surprises me by saying the ship used in the 1943 Invisibility Test, out of the Philadelphia Harbor, known to us as the Philadelphia Experiment is a ship now part of the Greek Navy, known as the "Leon". So please find attached to this page, George's account of the Eldridge in Greece including an interview with two Naval Officers that served on this ship.
For those interested in contacting George directly, or to obtain copies of any film/video he has created, he can be reached at his email address at: [email protected].
Enjoy ... what a story ...
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 19:51:42 -0200
To: [email protected]
From: "George N.Pantoulas"
Subject: Philadelphia Experiment
Joshua Hello again
I read the WWW page with the Mr Drue's interview about Philadelphia Experiment which is quite interesting. I'd like to make a short comment in reference to Mr Drue's statement about USS Eldridge (DE-173), a ship that I have had the luck to know very well. What do I mean? Let me tell you some things about this ship.
The USS Eldridge is of the Bostwick class and was given as military aid from US to Greece sometime between the late 40's and early 50's (I can find exact the date) and took the name Leon (means lion). To be more specific, the Greek navy took, among others, 4 ships of the Bostwick class. All of these ships have wild animals as names: Leon (x USS Eldridge), Panthir (means Panther), Aetos (means eagle) and Lerax (means Hawk). All of these ships served in the Greek Navy till 1990 when Leon and Panthir entered the reserve service while the other two are still in service.
So I disagree with Mr. Drue's phrase: "I would also like to point out that the USS Eldridge had sustained serious damage during the experiment and was no longer sea worthy after we returned."
Due to the ship's logbook, which I have seen, the USS Eldridge took part in the Normandy Assault in 1944 and then was given to the Greek Navy...so it was and, believe me, still it is sea worthy! Now the ship is located in the Suda Bay Naval Station in Crete.
However, I disagree with Mr. Drue's comment: "I do know that on August 18th, 1943, the USS Eldridge was sent to Montauk Point, Long Island, New York to the year of 1983, at which time it was dismantled.". This is absolutely wrong because, as I told you the ship is still in one piece at Suda Bay.
I have visited the ship three times, the commander and first engineer are very close friends of mine, and I had the opportunity to have a look in the ship's logbook. I can assure you that the pages of the time of Philadelphia Experiment are missing, someone cut them out from the logbook.
Also inside the ship are a lot of wires that do not go anywhere... they just exist and give the ship engineers a big headache until they realized that this wiring were the remains of the experiment's machinery.
There are some stories from crew members that they sometimes had strange illusions when they served on the ship, or they felt some strange vibrations even when the entire ship's machinery was out of operation.
I am sending this information (to you because I) believe that it helps (for others to know) the truth about USS Eldridge. If you want some more info about this story just tell me...OK?
waiting news from you, greetings
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 00:20:14 -0200
To: [email protected]
From: "George N.Pantoulas"
Subject: Philadelphia Experiment
JS>George ... are you sure this is the Eldridge ... I mean, why would
JS>the U.S. Navy send such a ship to Greece ... is hard to believe?
JS>Is there any proof that the "LEON" is the Eldridge or could it be
JS>some other ship that looks like the Eldridge?
Of course there are solid proofs that the USS Eldridge is in Greece under the name of the "Leon". As I wrote you it is one of the four Bostwick class ships that was send to Greece as military aid after WW 2. You can check it yourself from Jane's Book of Major Warships, edited by captain John E. Moor RN, or from the Greece Ministry of Defense. Anyway I have double checked all the sources my self and I am positive 100% for all information that I do send to you.
Second, I told you that I have seen the ship's logbook myself and third, the entire Greece Navy knows very well that the "Leon" is the ex USS Eldringe...it is nothing new in Greece.
No, it is not any other ship in this class Escort Destroyer (DE), or any other ship with the name Eldridge that served in US Navy in 1943. So the ONE AND ONLY ONE USS Eldridge that some years after the Philadelphia Experiment was sent to Greece and it is still here serving the Greek Navy. You can check this also by Jane's Books and catalogs.
JS> George, it sounds like you have had a very special and interesting life
Well, I have not any special kind of life, but as I wrote you in my previous emails, I am a professional journalist and due to my interest with the paradox and themes connected I have done and I am doing till today as a producer long in field investigations and research on this kind of subjects. This is the reason that I always doublecheck everything that I send to you or in public through videos or TV stories. Some people say here in Greece that I am famous for taking the cover off strange stories or sometimes they say that I am the only one who can risk his head to find the truth.
I have no any objections to pass the info to Mr. Drue.
Thanks for all
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 05:25:15 -0200
To: [email protected]
From: "George N.Pantoulas" {[email protected]}
Subject: Interviews
Here are the two interviews with Greek Navy officers who served on the A/T Leon (ex USS Eldridge) the ship that is connected with the Philadelphia Experiment. Both of these officers served on the ship for a period of 2 years in the early '80s when the ship was in regular service as some years ago the A/T Leon was placed into reserve service at Suda Bay Naval Base. Also both of the officers are still in service in the Greek Navy and this is the reason that I can not share their names publicly. One of them is a commanding officer, who served on the A/T Leon as its commander, and the other one is a naval engineer who served on the ship as the first engineer. For the purpose of this interview I will use "A" for the commander and "B" for the engineer. So let's see what they have to tell us:
George Pantoulas Presents
An Interview with Two Naval Officers Serving Upon the A/T Leon (ex USS Eldridge)
George Pantoulas: Gentlemen, when you served on the A/T Leon did you know that the ship was connected with the Philadelphia Experiment?
"A": Yes, of course. Almost everyone in the Greek Navy knows that the A/T Leon was the USS Eldridge, the ship that was used in the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. We have known this story since we were cadets in the Naval Academy. So I was very curious to check the whole story myself when I was dispatched as the captain of the ship.
"B": Yes, I know this story. For many years we have known the connection of the ship with Philadelphia Experiment.
George Pantoulas: Did you ever notice anything strange occur on the ship during your service there?
"A": Well, nothing weird I can say, if you mean that. But there are few things that we could call as strange. First of all when I checked the logbook of the ship I found something very unusual. As you know logbooks on every ship is something...let's say that is sacred. No one can change anything writing in the logbook. So I was surprised when I found that the pages of the logbook which referred to the date of the Philadelphia Experiment and some days before and after were missing. Somebody had cut out all these pages. I asked the three previous commanders of the ship about this and all of them told me that the pages were missing since the ship came to Greece and became a Greek Naval unit.
During my service on the A/T Leon I had some reports from crew members stating that they had seen something mysterious like an illusion (i.e. some type of ghost), or they reported that they were missing things (objects, possessions), nothing of value which would suggest that a thief was onboard. Usually they would find the lost objects after a couple of days in a different place than they had placed them. We used to make jokes between us about the "ships ghosts" that changed the place of things. Also there was some reports about a greenish glow that sometimes covered the ship during the night but I did not see this myself.
"B": I agree with all the things that the captain has said. Well, I want to add something more. The first thing that impressed me when I took over the ship as the first engineer was an enormous amount of wiring, I mean there were cables which started from nowhere and ended nowhere. As I found out later, all this stuff seems to be the remains of the electrical machinery that was used on Philadelphia Experiment aboard the ship.
The second strange thing that I noticed was a kind of vibration along the whole ship even if everything was shut down (i.e. when we were doing repairs in the dry dock). Once I felt it myself and my first thought was that it was an earthquake. I checked and there were no earthquakes reported in the area (at that time).
George Pantoulas: Do you think that all these incidents have anything to do with the Philadelphia Experiment?
"A": I don't know, but it is possible.
"B": Yes, I think that all these things are connected with the Philadelphia Experiment. Maybe a part of the energy field that was used during the experiment is still with the ship.
These are the answers from the two officers who spent some of their career aboard the A/T Leon - ex USS Eldridge .............. George
Confirmation of the AT Leon (Rolf Fey, Switzerland)
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 15:51:37 +0100
Subject: USS Eldridge became "Leon"
From: ([email protected])
To: "Joshua UFO Covers" ([email protected])
Dear Joshua,
I would like to make some comments on Mr. George Pantoulas' letter about the ship "USS Eldridge".
As far as my information go, the ship was given to the Greece Navy after world war II and served under the name "Leon".
This information was given in the book "The Philadelphia Experiment" by Charles Berlitz written 1979. (I have the German edition: KNAUR ISBN 3-426-03679-7, page 81)
In this book Mr. Berlitz writes: (my translation from German to English) The USS Eldridge served after the Philadelphia experiment in the atlantic region until the end of WW II. After returning to New York she went to the dry dock at June,17th 1946. After revision work, she was sold to the Greek Navy and changed the name to "Leon".
Mr. Berlitz further states, that the Log pages between Aug,27. 1943 and Dec. 1st.1943 were not available anymore and that the log books from the other ship involved in the experiment (USS Furuseth) have been destroyed.
There is more information in the book, covering the "official" story about when the ship entered service and about the "true" story that the ship took part in those experiments just short before starting NAVY service.
Maybe this second source might help you in gathering more information about USS Eldridge.
Thank you for bringing us such interesting topics.
Rolf FEY Switzerland
http://www.think-aboutit.com/Misc/curre ... _uss_e.htm
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Im sorry but I cant believe for one minute that the Americas would leave any logbook in the ship after they have given it to the Greeks.

Why would the Yanks leave information on what the ship had been doing in its past?

I find that part a bit unreal.
painy2 said:
Im sorry but I cant believe for one minute that the Americas would leave any logbook in the ship after they have given it to the Greeks.
That point had been bothering me. It would be the equivalent of giving away military secrets. Even if you give them to a trusted ally, you cannot then be sure who else might see them.
The whole 'interview' sounds somewhat 'fishy' to me.
That point had been bothering me. It would be the equivalent of giving away military secrets. Even if you give them to a trusted ally, you cannot then be sure who else might see them.

I think that you will find that making a false entry in the log is a criminal offence and that the pages for the time of the alleged incident were torn out. If there was nothing to hide, why remove the pages?
That's if the logbook was actually left on board when it went into Greek service...
While The Philadelphia Experiment isn't mentioned, this article and video deal with Preston Nichols and the Montauk Project, as discussed in this thread...

In January of 1999, I started to put together the pilot episode of what would become a two series run of a show called Disinfo Nation if you lived in the UK, and Disinformation in the rest of the world. The very first day of shooting was so outrageous that it was really never topped during the subsequent two years of production.


I always endeavored to present the conspiracy theory material with a completely straight face. I was heavily influenced by American Movie and the films of Christopher Guest. I wanted to make “real” mockumentaries. The goal was to produce something that lived up to a conceit of a title like Disinformation (meaning a mixture of truth and lies used as an information smokescreen) and the show’s cheerfully snarky tagline: “If you’re not wondering if we made this stuff up, we’re not doing our job right.”
While I'm not sure I agree with that approach, it's understandable when you see this particular clip!

http://dangerousminds.net/comments/mind ... dest_consp
Disinfo Nation was great late night TV viewing, when you were more receptive to weirdness than you would have been at a more wakeful hour. I miss really good late night TV, they don't seem to do it anymore in the UK.