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The Yowie

“Harrison…was first sent the resurfaced video two years ago…The footage is believed to have been filmed in North Queensland several years ago.”

Cutout = fake.

If other evidence were required, where is the blood and the viscera? Why didn’t the Yowie apparently even break its stride while ripping a large animal in half? How could anything tear a creature in half that neatly? Why didn’t the Yowie, after having expended all that effort, bother to carry off even part of its victim?


maximus otter
Investigator claims to have found Yowie nests
Yowie investigator claims to have found 'nests' around Eden
26 February 2024 | James Coleman

Wayne Lewin in what he claims is a “yowie nest” near Eden. Photo: Wayne Lewin.

Wayne Lewin was frozen, like “a rabbit in the headlights”.

“I’m guessing it was like three metres tall, possibly bigger, standing in the shadows of the tree line. No mistaking it was there. I could see its arms, its legs, its dome-shaped head. He was massive.”

The retiree had a camera in his hand, but he says he was so shaken by what he saw he never thought to lift it up and snap the be-all-and-end-all proof of what he’d been looking for.

“I can’t explain it – I just turned and walked away slowly. I was like a rabbit in the headlights.”

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Wayne has been investigating the elusive Australian ‘yowie’ for more than six years, first in south-east Queensland and now around his new home in Eden, on NSW’s south coast, where he claims to have found their nests.

“Arches where the trees have been bent over and anchored down on one end. You’d need a hurricane-force wind to snap a tree in half. I’ve also found twigs or branches impaled into the ground, buried a good four to six inches.”