Time Or Dimensional Slips



Does anybody know if there is any truth in the concept of time-slips? where people have claimed to have found themselves unexpectedly living in a period of the past for a few hours.

There is a really popular story from the last 70s about two british couples who drive through france to spain and claimed they stayed in a turn-of-the-century B&B where everyone was in period costume and the B&B bill for all 4 was 19 francs.

any opinions?
the one you mentioned is one of the most famous examples of time-slips. i once saw one of the women involved being interviewed on channel 4 by jon ronson. she seemed genuine. but i have never understood why there weren't any complications with the money that changed hands, or that their modern car, parked in the lane outside, didn't cause comment. you would have thought that the "people from the past" at the hotel wouldn't have recognised the modern currency and would have refused it. there's another case of a man who went into a shop (somewhere in east anglia i think, tho' it's a while since i read it), which it later turned out hadn't been there for several decades. AGAIN money changed hands and STILL it didn't cause any comment. there are numerous examples like that from all over the world.
It would be really cool to have this happen. Only for a night or two though... I like my modern convienences. Also I think it would depend on the time period.
The was an itv series which ran from 1994 to 1998 called 'Strange But True?' presented by Micheal Aspel, (it ran from september to november each year).

In 1995 they had an episode on time slips, they covered the journey through france case and a couple in bampton, devon.
Dare I say it? These sound like screen-memories. I wonder if they saw any bright lights in the sky! The fact that no one reacted to the modern money, cars, clothes, speech of the witnesses sounds as if it was a comfortable-strange memory rather than a realistic event.;)
Ms Indigo said:
....(somewhere in east anglia i think, tho' it's a while since i read it), which it later turned out hadn't been there for several decades....

It was in Norwich, I think and he bought some little cellophane envelopes for fishing hooks. If I remember, he later found that the the envelopes had become brittle as if they were years old.

There's there's this and a lot of other cases in 'The Masks of Time' Joan Forman (1978).

Jenny Randles did a couple of books Time Travel' and 'Time Storms' which cover some of these cases.

The prob with the screen memories explanation, is that it's as improbable as time travel.

As for the past people not questioning the present people's appearance or money, perhaps they see what they expect to see.

Then again it could be some type of altered perception, on the part of the 'time travellers' of places and events that happen in the present - but that's not much of better explanation either.
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Now THAT is a fantastic story! I love the fact that you both reacted!

I've put it down here before but I can't remember where now, but the best story I'd previously read was this woman who said that she was walking down the road and it went very still and quiet, then a hover bus passed her swiftly. There were no wheels but it definitely looked like a passenger bus and the passengers were wearing strange clothes and best of all, the sight of her on the road had caused a startled commotion amongst the passengers on her side of the vehicle. The bus passed and everthing returned to normal. She thinks she slipped forward, or rather they slipped back into our time.

All sounds like quantum strangeness with the membranes of reality touching now and again. I still think that the ones where everyone cooperates with you are screen memories - after all, the people must have been SOMEWHERE that night. I don't think Time is like a place that you can move about in. I think everything is happening at the same time on different levels and sometimes you perceive things you ordinarily shouldn't be able to but I don't think it stretches to removing you from your physical environment and placing you in another when the hotel still exists. It's merely my humble opinion. And never let it be said that I allowed ignorance to stand between me and a firm opinion on anything.;)
It was certainly one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me. And I don't think I'm particularly prone to Fortean phenomena.

The "hoverbus" story sounds intruiging. I also remember reading an account in the Unexplained of a family who were driving on a motorway when on the other side of the barrier, in the opposite direction, they saw a similar type of hovering vehicle with people looking at them from the windows with an alarmed expression on their faces.

One of the best accounts I've read was about a guy who was shopping in Liverpool with his wife I think. She'd just gone into a shop, or something and he suddenly became aware that his environment had changed and he found himself standing in the same street as it appeared several years previously.
His story was reported in a local paper and it turned out that several other people had had a similar experience in the same street.

I must look for this somewhere...

Perhaps we should start another thread as this has strayed out of the realms of ULs now!
Filthy le Dog said:
One of the best accounts I've read was about a guy who was shopping in Liverpool with his wife I think. She'd just gone into a shop, or something and he suddenly became aware that his environment had changed and he found himself standing in the same street as it appeared several years previously.
His story was reported in a local paper and it turned out that several other people had had a similar experience in the same street.

Is this it..?

"The following story is an account of a man who inadvertently strolled into the past early in July 1996 in Liverpool City Centre.

Frank, an off-duty policeman from Melling, and his wife Carol, were in Liverpool one Saturday afternoon shopping. At Central Station, the couple split up. Carol went to Dillons Bookshop in Bold Street to purchase a copy of Irvine Welsh's book, Trainspotting, and Frank went to a record store in Ranelagh Street to look for a CD. About twenty minutes later he walked up the incline near the Lyceum which leads out to Bold Street, intending to meet up with his wife in the bookshop, when he suddenly noticed he had somehow entered an oasis of quietness. Suddenly, a small boxvan that looked like something out the 1950s sped across his path, beeping as it narrowly missed him. Frank noted that the van had the name 'Caplan's' emblazoned on its side. When the policeman looked down, he noticed that he was standing in the road, and immediate thought that was strange, because the last time he had seen the bottom of Bold Street, it had been pedestrianized. Frank crossed the road and saw that Dillons Bookshop was no longer there. In its place stood a store with the name 'Cripps' over its two entrances. The policeman was understandably confused. He looked in the window of Cripps and saw no books on display, but womens' handbags and shoes. The policeman turned around and saw that the people were wearing clothes that would have been worn in the Forties and Fifties, and this really unnerved him. He realised that he had somehow walked into the Bold Street of forty-odd years ago. Suddenly, Frank sighted a girl of about twenty, dressed in the clothes of a mid-1990s girl; hipsters and a lime-coloured sleeveless top. The bag she carried had the name Miss Selfridges on it, which really reassured the policeman that he was still somehow partly in 1996. It was a paradox, but the policeman was slightly relieved, and he smiled at the girl as she walked past him and entered Cripps. As he followed her, the whole interior of the building changed in a flash to the interior of Dillons Bookshop. The policeman was back in his own time. He grabbed the girl by the arm at the entrance of the bookshop and asked her: "Did you see that then?" and the girl calmly said, "Yeah. I thought it was a new shop that had opened. I was going in to look at the clothes, and it's a bookshop."

The girl just laughed, shook her head, and walked out again. Frank said the girl looked back and shook her head in disbelief. When he told his wife about the incident, she said that she had not noticed anything strange, but Frank was really adamant that he had not hallucinated the episode."


That's the one!

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In an article he wrote for Fate in 1965, Ivan Sanderson recounted an experience he and his wife had while doing a biological survey in Haiti. Their car got stuck in mud and they were walking home:

"Then suddenly, looking up from the dusty ground, I perceived absolutely clearly in the now brilliant moonlight, and casting shadows appropriate to their positions, three-storied houses of various shapes and sizes lining both sides of the road. These houses hung out over the road, which suddenly appeared to be muddy with patches of large cobblestones. The houses were of (I would say) about the Elizabethan period of England, but for some reason, I knew they were in Paris. They had pent roofs, some with dormer windows, gables, timbered porticos, and small windows with tiny leaded panes. Here and there, there were dull reddish lights burning behind them, as if from candles. There were iron-frame lanterns hanging from timbers jutting from some houses and they were all swaying together as if in a wind, but there was not the faintest movement of air about us. I could go on and on describing this scene as it was so vivid: if fact, I could draw it."

Sanderson's wife also saw the buildings, but the third member of their party, a man named Frederick Allsop, who was walking ahead of them, did not:

"We stood marvelling at what we apparently both now saw, picking out individual items and pointing, questioning each other as to details, etc. Curiously, we found ourselves swaying back and forth and began to feel very weak, so I called out to Fred, whose white shirt was fast disappearing ahead."

When Allsop ran back to join them, the apparition vanished, "and there was nothing before me but the endless and damned thorn bushes and cactus and bare earth."

Sanderson thought the experience might have been some kind of shared hallucination, possibly brought on by exhaustion:

"If two people can see the same 'non-existent' thing, how many more could? Does one have to have the very close rapport of a devoted husband and wife, or can mere cofraternity be enough? I don't know but I'd sure like to find out."
Definitely an unusual experience I would like to have. How neat would that be. Maybe it is just something that certain people are more sensitive to.
There's also the famous instance of the two English ladies visiting Versailles who apparently went back to the time of Marie Antoinette.

What is fascinating is that sometimes those who experience time slips sometimes interact with people from the time they are 'visiting'.

Scientific Investigation of Timeslips


As a brief introduction, my name is Ron. I'm 55 years old and have studied the subject of time for almost 35 years, of which the last 10 years have been spent developing a theory on the physical properties of time.

As well as the scientific aspects of time, I have also become fascinated by the subject of timeslips, a subject that is usually outside the realms of scientific research because of its paranormal nature. Being someone with scientific interests, especially relating to the subject of time, and having experieneced a timeslip myself I have felt compelled to study the subject further - in scientific terms.

To give you some idea of my path of investigation, I have always considered the possibility that matter can absorb information. After all, matter absorbs energy all the time, and what we perceive as visual and audible information through light and sound is itself energy.

Information can be absorbed by specially prepared mediums. For example, chemically prepared film can absorb light at the click of a camera. Sound and pictures can be absorbed by magnetic tape, and then replayed at will.

As an experiment undertaken by the airforce, it was shown that even unprepared, ordinary matter can absorb information. An aerial photograph was taken of an empty car park, but when the special infra red film was developed it had shown an image of a car park full of cars. The ground where the cars had stood during the day absorbed their heat, leaving an impression of car shapes that was later picked up by the film. So there's no doubt about the fact that even ordinary matter can absorb information of you and me and anything else that exists.

Obviously, the mechanism of witnessing a timeslip replay is probably somewhat different to that of using man-made instruments. People are seeing past events at first hand being replayed before their very eyes, as though they were part of the event and time period. And this is one aspect of scientific investigation I am looking into as well as a number of others.

Now, obviously I need lots of information to work with in order to carry out my investigation. I already have a growing file of timeslip reports from various sources, but I need more.

If you have experienced or think you have experienced a timeslip, or know somone who has and would like to contribute to this project, please contact me either through this notice board or personally at [email protected]

Either way, I would eventually like to contact you personally to discuss the timeslip event and to email a questionnaire to you.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

What is your definition of a "timeslip"?

The term "timeslip" may mean different things to different people. Do you mean someone who experiences a moment where they change time periods, like finding themselves in a place 50 years ago?
Or do you mean that time slips, and suddenly someone finds themselves a few hours/minutes/days later, with no recollection of the time that slipped by?

Having studied Physics, I know that information can be stored in many various ways. My favorite is the hologram. It does take a lot of preparation to create a hologram, as compared to a two dimensional picture, but the information in the same amount of space makes it amazing.
Now, to make this happen to an area, so that a person sees/hears/experiences something from long ago, would take vast amounts of preparation and energy. (but not in the conventional sense). Or could it be just a coincidence that time just folds sometimes, and people experience it now and then?

Makes you wonder doesn't it?
(. . . and not going to go into anti-time, and sub atomic particles that move backwards it time. . . )
Timeslips of the past


Not knowing your real name I will have to address you as above.

When I speak of ‘timeslips’ I mean the kind where people claim to slip out of the present time and witness past events.

The other form of timeslip is where some have claimed to have lost a period of time, which as far as Jenny Randles is concerned, comes under the category of time storms. This is where people get caught up in some form of misty cloud that appears as an oval or round shape. Many of these time storm clouds are reported to have a glow within them as though they are have some form of electrical activity going on, and it’s been speculated that such clouds might be a form of plasma cloud. Apparently, when people get near or even engulfed by such clouds there appears to be some time loss ranging from only a few minutes to two or three days, which may be a ‘real event’ where time is actually affected by the electrical activity; or, as I suspect, it may be a psychological effect, a form of amnesia. However, although I find these phenomena interesting, my main concerns lie with reports of people witnessing the past.

As I said in my original posting, I have experienced a timeslip event myself back in the 1970s, which is why I tend to accept the possibilities of such events as being something real. I already have a partial theory about the nature of timeslips, and what the mechanism might be that allows events of the past to unreel themslves, which I think many people will find interesting. I’m still quite a long way from completing it, so I’m not ready to reveal the results I have so far. But when I have completed my research to a satisfactory level I hope to have it published in the ‘Fortean Times’ and other publications in due course. For now however, I need more timeslip reports to work with.

By the way, it’s interesting to read you have studied physics, and by the look of your website you seem to have a deep interest in astronomy. That’s one subject I studied myself many years ago.

Since you appear to be a guy with a strong interest in physics and astronomy you might like to visit my website if you haven’t done so already. You will find the results of my research on the nature of time published there. They have been read by several scientists, and even sci-fiction writers; and all have expressed an interest in my work and have given their appraisal, which is immensely encouraging.

You can find my website at http://www.btinternet.com/~author.ron


Ron - UK
would it be possible for you to give us details of your own personal time-slip?
Time. . . what is it? Can it slip?

I thank you for your description of the time slips. I viewed your website, and the descriptions of the nature of time. Physically, time can be described as the passing moments, observed by us using clocks, our beating hearts, or for those with good watches, the vibration of atoms.
For most of us (don't want to assume that it's all of us), time passes at a very regular rate. 24 hours happened today, 24 hours happened yesterday, and 24 hours will happen tomorrow. But Einstein showed us that time is realtive. (for those who haven't studied it) "Relative" means things can change with how you observe it. An easy example is observing rain. If you stand still, rain falls straight down with no wind. If you are moving in a car, the rain appears to be falling at an angle. It is similar with time. The faster you go, the slower your time is, according to the person who is not moving. This has been shown as true as satellite's clocks run slower than ground based clocks. (you must have an extremely accurate clock to show this difference).

The limit that relativity puts on time is the speed of light. Light propogates quickly. The faster you approach the speed of light, the slower your clocks run. There is no definition for having the clocks run backwards.

So, how do we get time slips? Could a portion of the universe be sped up so that time slows down, and have someone observe it later? Science doubts this, but only because of lack of observations of such events. Science also doubted relativity until clocks that were accurate enough showed aberrations in the clock speeds.

I have heard stories of time slips, where someone experiences the past. I have not heard of the time storms that Ron mentions, but perhaps that is the "edge" of the part of the universe that has been affected.

I agree with Ms Indigo also. I'd like to hear Ron's experience. I would understand if there is a reluctance (as many who relate fantastic stories are ridiculed and berated without any inquiry or investigation).

Time: Never have enough of it to do all you want. :)
please don't be afraid of ridicule. most of us who post items here have "strange" stories to tell.
PS, I'm married to a scientist so I would be quite interested to see what he made of it (BTW he's very open-minded, he has to be to be married tome!).
My timeslip event


I too can understand why many people might be reluctant to share a timeslip experience, but as far as I’m concerned I have no reluctance or unease about sharing what I had witnessed, and care not what others might think. My lateness for getting the story posted is due to my daily schedual. For those who have requested to read of my timeslip experience, here it is.

It’s not a particularly fantastic one, but it was an interesting experience all the same and is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It was in the summer of 1974, while working and living in Windsor town, near London.

I had a few days off so made head way for Windsor Railway station to find the departure times for a train to my hometown. I entered through the station doorway and everything seemed fine, but very quiet. It seemed more quite than usual for a railway station. I noticed only one person. He was standing at the ticket desk and was wearing a dark jacket and trousers. So, there was nothing unusual there. But when I stepped onto the platform where the notice board for departure details was situated, things were very different.

I made my way through the gateway of the platform and approached the board. As I scanned through the timetable something seemed out of place. The notice board was different in design to what it was on previous occasions. The tables seemed to be out of date too, and the text appeared to be old print. It had a Victorian feel about it.

Puzzled, I turned to look around the platform. It was very quite. On the seat to my right, against the railing were two ladies dressed in long frocks and hats that looked very much like late Victorian or early Edwardian dress. Further along the platform, approximately 100 yards or so there were a couple of gentlemen standing behind a camera and tripod facing in my direction.

My first thought was, have I witnessed a time slip, but when I noticed the camera I immediately thought I had walked into a photo session or film shot. So pretending I hadn’t noticed I quietly walked off and out of the station, half expecting to be yelled at.

I walked around town for a short while and my mind kept flashing back the incident. But my curiosity took the better of me. I had to go back to have a peek at what they were doing.

When I arrived at the station, I peeked though the platform gateway and found the two ladies in Victorian dress were no longer there, and neither were the two people with the camera. I stepped onto the platform to check the notice board and found it was back to its normal self. At that moment I convinced myself that the film session was over and they had moved on.

But later, while brooding over the incident, there were elements that didn’t seem to add up.

Firstly, there were no notice boards or anyone on duty to advise people that they couldn’t go onto the platform, which is what you would normally have expected.

Secondly, being a stranger, I wondered, when I walked onto the platform why didn’t they call out, telling me to get off. (I was there for at least two or three minutes, which was more than enough time to consider me an intruder). The two ladies who were sitting quite calmly on the platform seat didn’t seem bothered about it either.

Thirdly, if others who visited the station had noticed the film crew, and because of human curiosity, there would normally have been a small crowd of people trying to have a peek, but the station was empty and quite.

And finally, as I said, I left the station and walked around town for a short time, (it was only a few minutes), but then went back. On my return to the station I was impressed how quick everything seemed to have been put back to its normal self, with no evidence of the camera crew or the actresses, and the 6 feet by 4 feet board with the departure times was also back to normal. Not only that, there were no film crew vans or vehicles.

I was left with the distinct impression that I had experienced a time slip, afterwards thinking perhaps the cameramen may have been Victorian/Edwardian photographers, and the two ladies were simply waiting for the next train.

Obviously some of you will draw up your own conclusions as to whether or not this was a timeslip; but to me the facts presents a strong indication that it was. Not only that, the unusually quite atmosphere of the event adds to the conclusion.

However, before signing off, I would again like to encourage all those who have, or think they have experienced a timeslip to contact me.

Was the camera and the men behind it, modern/ in modern clothes or from the period that you feel you slipped into.

And if they were making a film, but not filming at the time, maybe having finished and were winding up, they might not have see you as an intruder.

However, if you did slip back in time there may somewhere, be a film made years before you stepped onto the platform, featuring you looking puzzled in strange clothes!
Can I just clear up one bit first, as it's niggling at me (and this is not to dispute your story at all), but doesn't Windsor station have a Victorian exhibition on it, complete with waxworks? (I think it's meant to be set at the time of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee). I'm sure we visited it a few years ago. Having said that, I don't know how long it's been there, it might not have been there in the 1970s.

Anyway, correct me if I've got all that completely wrong, it's a few years since we were there. Even if that's the case though, it doesn't explain how Ron went back and found it had all disappeared!