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missing persons

  1. C

    The Nicola Bulley Disappearance (St Michael's On Wyre, Lancashire)

    Has anyone been following this case, missing 5 days now? The mystery of the mother who vanished while walking her dog: Last known movements of Nicola Bulley who was still connected to a work call when she disappeared on towpath after dropping her kids off at school By Dan Sales For...
  2. maximus otter

    Missing Almost Three Years; Found 700 Miles Away, Shivering Outside A Gas Station

    Authorities in Summit County, Utah, had been hearing about a young man wandering the area with a shopping cart for several weeks. When they encountered him last Saturday, they discovered he was reported missing nearly three years ago in northern California, more than 700 miles away...
  3. EnolaGaia

    Mother Parks & Abandons Car; Disabled Daughter Inside For Days

    I'd considered putting this Washington (state) story in the "Low Strangeness Disappearances" thread, but the strangeness of the mother's actions argued against that. A mother parked her car at a gas station and left it. The car was towed away. The driver's daughter reported her severely...
  4. Nosmo King

    The Mysterious Cases Of Tom Young & Keith Reinhard

    I have just come across these strange cases and can find no thread about them, here is the story: "Keith Reinhard was a middle-aged journalist who is taking a break from his daily activities. He then visited a small town called Silver Plume. This man rents a place where the previous resident...
  5. escargot

    People Who Just Disappear (Go Missing)

    (By reference to an old thread which itself disappeared ... ) This happened, I'm told, to someone in my street, in the late 60s. She was a young mother of two little children and one morning her elder child, who was 3, was run over in the street, having wandered out through an open front door...
  6. Ghost In The Machine

    What Exactly Did Les Dawson See Re. Sid James' Ghost?

    Reading about theatre history and yet again came across stories about Les Dawson seeing the ghost of Sid James, not long before his own death. And it's clear that whatever he saw, was absolutely terrifying. But I can't seem to find an account I thought I found a while back, that did actually...
  7. James_H

    Serial Killer Cults

    I was introduced to this subject by this excellent podcast. Basically, it seems that some serial killers have claimed to have worked for or have been part of a wider network, often a satanic cult who commit murders as sacrifices. It seems like most of these claims are paper-thin (Henry Lee...
  8. lordmongrove

    David Paulides & Missing 411

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1032329905/missing-411-the-movie Kickstarter project based on the missing 411 books.
  9. sherbetbizarre

    Missing Person Joins Search For Him- / Herself

    torontosun.com/2012/08/28/mi ... or-herself Link is dead. See later post for link to archived version.
  10. A

    The Madeleine McCann Disappearance

    Toddler 'abducted' during holiday Madeleine disappeared while her parents were at a nearby restaurant Sniffer dogs have been brought in to help search for a three-year-old from Britain who may have been abducted on holiday with her family in Portugal. Madeleine McCann's parents, from...
  11. rynner2

    The Man Who Was Both Alive And Dead

    Agh! A real teaser here. A new Scientist article which is only available in full to subscribers. It begins: Can anyone post the rest? :?
  12. A

    Suzy Lamplugh & 'Mr Kipper': A Fred & John West Link?

    Is it possible that Fred West or his equally nasty brother John, had something to do with the disappearance of Suzie Lamplugh? There is a theory that Fred and John West were procurers for a high-level Satanic group. Fred West was certainly scared when he made this comment to police during an...
  13. P

    Severed Leg (And Feet) Mysteries

    'Mystery feet' found on riverbank. Gwent Police are checking all missing persons records after a pair of feet in training shoes were washed up in the Severn Estuary. Two fishermen found the body parts, in size eight Diadora trainers, near the Second Severn Crossing at the weekend...
  14. A

    Whatever Happened To Lord Lucan?

    Well guys, whaddya reckon?! :D
  15. A

    People Who Are Discovered Or Re-Surface After Long Disappearances

    Here’s an old Worcestershire story about an alleged re-appearance (this is the short York-notes style version). Sir John Attwood, a 14th century knight, was captured during the Crusades and imprisoned. Back at home, his wife waited. And waited. And waited. One morning, shortly after she’d...
  16. A

    'Low Strangeness' Disappearances (Missing Persons; Runaways; Crime-Related)

    I sometimes wonder if these people who disappear into thin air are found later but we never hear of their re-emergence because why ruin a perfectly good yarn of spooky goings on or maybe the two stories are never married up. I base this sweeping assumption on reading in some paranormal book...
  17. A

    Missing Persons

    The phenomena of missing persons is huge but seemingly little investigated. Thousands of people vanish every year without being found. Where do they all go? What's your theory? Here's some facts and figures from the UK National Missing Persons Helpline: "It is estimated that about 250 000...
  18. A

    Collective Disappearances (Settlements, Crews, Etc.)

    Did an entire Canadian village disappear in 1930? Did an entire Canadian village disappear in 1930? I wonder if anyone can verify whether the population of an Eskimo village by Lake Anjikuma disappeared without trace in November 1930? I orginally came across the story in one of those cheap...
  19. A

    Spring-Heeled Jack, East-End Disappearances & Other Mysterious Characters

    East End Disappearances 1881-1890 I am trying to find information regarding unusual disappearances which began in the East End of London in 1881 and continued unsolved until January 1890. Apparently men, women and children from all classes disappeared into a 'Fortean void', never to be seen or...