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Justified & Ancient
Jul 30, 2003
A couple of atypical ones in the last week, with the intriguing (but frustrating) common theme of both being what we might call substitution dreams. That's to say incidents where the person appearing as a character in the dream is not the same as the person the dream would appear to actually be about. I've noted these in the past but its been a long time since I did.

In the first the subject of the dream was entirely myself. But as some overlayed silent narration during the dream had me understanding events to be taking place in Germany, I decided on waking to recount it on to friend J who I knew to be visiting Germany at that time.

So IF we accept this to be a hit, we can note the correlation of an aborted desire to purchase meat, tied in to a photographic portfolio.
But why did I dream of myself, and not of J? I don't know.

The second example has additional complications. Reported as potential telepathy, it appeared to be a dud. But only in retrospect did I realise it appears to have in fact been a precognitive dream....again with a subsitution:

Friend Y, who it needs to be noted is Asian, is still currently staying here while a house purchase goes through. He went to Amsterdam the weekend of the 13th. The day before he went I messaged him from my room asking if everything was ok with his eye as Id just dreamt of him entering the living room from the hallway with one eye closed or bunged up.

His eye was fine.

But while he was away.... that's to say 3 days later...new Airbnb guests checked in on their way to Ireland. It's only when they stopped again on their return journey a week later that I recalled the dream report and its significance hit me. They were an older couple with a dog. The man was an Asian gentleman..... with a large eye patch.