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A couple of atypical ones in the last week, with the intriguing (but frustrating) common theme of both being what we might call substitution dreams. That's to say incidents where the person appearing as a character in the dream is not the same as the person the dream would appear to actually be about. I've noted these in the past but its been a long time since I did.

In the first the subject of the dream was entirely myself. But as some overlayed silent narration during the dream had me understanding events to be taking place in Germany, I decided on waking to recount it on to friend J who I knew to be visiting Germany at that time.

So IF we accept this to be a hit, we can note the correlation of an aborted desire to purchase meat, tied in to a photographic portfolio.
But why did I dream of myself, and not of J? I don't know.

The second example has additional complications. Reported as potential telepathy, it appeared to be a dud. But only in retrospect did I realise it appears to have in fact been a precognitive dream....again with a subsitution:

Friend Y, who it needs to be noted is Asian, is still currently staying here while a house purchase goes through. He went to Amsterdam the weekend of the 13th. The day before he went I messaged him from my room asking if everything was ok with his eye as Id just dreamt of him entering the living room from the hallway with one eye closed or bunged up.

His eye was fine.

But while he was away.... that's to say 3 days later...new Airbnb guests checked in on their way to Ireland. It's only when they stopped again on their return journey a week later that I recalled the dream report and its significance hit me. They were an older couple with a dog. The man was an Asian gentleman..... with a large eye patch.
I don't know why they are clustering this way , but I've now had a third substitution dream. Or at least partly so. This is more intriguing than the others.

Two foreign friends are involved. One is E an Azerbaijani , who now lives in Amsterdam. The other is D, a Portuguese who lives in York. The latter is notable for his extraordinary accent ( Portuguese mixed with Yorkshire).

This morning I reported to D his first appearance in one of my dreams...

No obvious connection. But literally 40 minutes later I got a message out of the blue from E, the one in Amsterdam, inviting me to join him on a trip. His message ended...

Immediately it seems apparent the dream was about E, not D.

I told him about D and the dream. Not knowing each other, he started asking about him. I sent him a social media video clip I'd saved of him months ago reading from a book, as it showed his weird accent ..


Only afterwards it hit me that I had earlier told D one more detail about the dream..
The above provides an opportunity to acknowledge not everyone accepts these reports of mine are impressive. I sent the above screen capture to another friend (largely because i had a dream of him the other night and, as ever with him, he failed to spot any real life correlations. So i sent him the above without comment just to affirm i report dreams to people for reasons of experience, not desperate hoping.) Here is his take on it. Not a convincing one to me, but also not uncommonly offered by the sceptically minded. I should of course have started my reply by asking "how many is 'enough' people? I only asked one person. The one in the dream. Why would i ask anyone else?"

The following startled me. The recipient of my dream report didn't initially see a real world connection to the main part of my dream. But later the significance of this last scene hit him.

The name Tankard was a half remembered uncertain grasp at what i'd dreamt as the dream recall started to evaporate. I've redacted the real person's surname for privacy. It's not a rhyming name but has several of the same letters as is as he says assonant with the dream name. The name Sophie and career as well as the timing of dream and thought are quite remarkable.

A lot of no match found responses in recent weeks. So a relief to find a succession of "hits" in a single dream (well two dreams)
A number of minor things of note in recent weeks. One friend has appeared - uncommonly as he never used to and its not like we interact much - in a good 4 or 5 dreams that I've reported to him, and each and every one has left him blank, keen as he is to confirm a hit he recognises nothing I report to him as resembling real events. I often speculate on here and elsewhere that these misses are probably hits that the other party just fails to notice. But a couple of recent things have complicated that convenient face saving notion.

Firstly I reported a dream to another friend - the one in the other thread about the "Cabaret" signs around his dying father. I reported it to him before he told me his father was ill and he never responded to the dream account, causing me to assume it was a flop. But after his dad's funeral TWO WEEKS later his account of the day suddenly gave significance to the now old dream.

In the dream a young man was in front of a congregation playing the priestly role, and at the end of the scene the woman in charge made some comment about a small business. When my friend told me about the funeral a fortnight later he said he was "offered a job" as funeral celebrant by the female funeral director as he conducted the service himself to save money. The central part of my dream however involved a detailed physical description of the clerical stand in.....a description that does not fit my mate. Nonetheless the matching elements are too striking for me not to conclude that i dreamt about the friend's (and not my own) future experience. This is an unwelcome complication. If I have to start including "it may resemble something you experience at an unspecified time in the future" to my dream reports I will look even more like a desperate nutcase than i do when i simply seem to get it wrong repeatedly.

Secondly I now know what its like to be on the receiving end of one of these "I dreamt of you messages". Two in fact. And i appreciate now what its like to be more than happy to confirm a match but genuinely unable to recognise the other person's dream as pertaining to anything at all. What's interesting about these two dream receipts is that they nonetheless appear to have a glimmer of a connection between them. A friend in the US messaged me yesterday to say he dreamt of me...i was on a balcony above him as he drove past. The buildings were "orange like it was in Spain or something." I came down to greet him. He described it as "comforting". Like i say, nada. But today, 24 hours later, a recent airbnb guest who stayed here for a month messaged me to say he'd just had a dream about living in my house again. The first thing of note is he's from Spain. The second is that he described the house as much larger and different and in a strange location...and his room was "on the second floor". Finally he too ended his account with a positive emotional response "it felt really good".

I've cherry picked the parallels and omitted the detailed differences. But its interesting. And as i say i can't relate either dream to anything in my waking awareness. Yet...?