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Ridiculous Accidents

I was told years ago that the most dangerous part of any accident was the helicopter ride
to hospital.

If you get more than a dozen people drunk at a pub, the pub might end up wrecked. .... Especially if the pub is a patron-pedaling-powered moving vehicle.
15 hurt after 'pedal pub' overturns in Midtown Atlanta, authorities say

Two people suffered critical injuries and three were in serious condition, according to first responders. ...

Emergency crews responded to an area of Midtown Atlanta Saturday evening after a traffic crash involving at least 15 people.

Atlanta Police said a "pedal pub," which is a vehicle where several passengers pedal on a large-scale bike while often consuming alcohol, is the root of the cause. ...

The vehicle, which can carry up to 15 passengers, had multiple people on board. As the peddlers were negotiating a turn, it toppled over, according to police. ...

Atlanta Fire officials said 15 people are receiving medical care, five of them were badly hurt. All 15 people were taken to the hospital, according to Atlanta Fire, 10 of them had minor injuries.

Atlanta Police said the mobile pub was the only vehicle involved in the incident. ...
FULL STORY (With Video): https://www.11alive.com/article/new...lanta/85-c021ac67-4746-4d03-b52b-8b32dfc97b9f
Oh wow the helicopter one is just crazy, and i don't know whether to laugh or cry at the mobile pub one
In the pedal pub story:
As the peddlers were negotiating a turn, it toppled over, according to police.
So it was a group of peddlers, not the pedalers of the pub, that were to blame! :)

I was going to ask if it's legal to pedal one of these while drinking, but based on a followup story, it looks like it is. It's not legal to drive one drunk, though.

Driver charged with DUI, police release surveillance video of ‘Pedal Pub’ crash in Midtown that hurt 15
ATLANTA — The driver of the "pedal pub" in Midtown Atlanta Saturday night that crashed with more than a dozen people on board was arrested and charged with DUI, police said. They were also charged a business permit violation.
Two Arizona bartenders suffered serious burns while making (or maybe serving?) a flaming drink.
Flaming drink leaves north Phoenix bartenders with serious burns

Two bartenders at a Phoenix restaurant were rushed to the hospital on Sunday after the making of a flaming novelty drink went wrong.

First responders rushed to SALT Tacos y Tequila after two female bartenders were seriously burned. ...

The 19-year-old and 25-year-old burn victims suffered first and second-degree burns to their upper bodies after firefighters say the two were making the drinks.

Their identities haven’t been shared by authorities. Firefighters only said they were taken to a local burn center but didn’t say their conditions.

It’s unknown how exactly things went wrong. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.12news.com/article/news...urant/75-b95992fa-bfa7-4eb3-a881-e9ca4d63fde8
Man got into “extreme difficulties” trying to find the Devil’s Arse
A concert in a cave had to be abandoned when a concert-goer got lost en route and ended up falling into the cavern, managing to hold on to a tree on the way down.
He later told rescuers he had been following his satnav while walking from his accommodation and somehow ended up on a footpath above the cavern.

Exotic sports cars are very expensive and very low-slung - low enough to wedge underneath a guard rail. :doh:

Driver abandoned $250,000 McLaren sports car on side of road after accident, police say

A driver in Washington state fled the scene of an accident after getting an expensive McLaren 600LT sports car wedged underneath a guard rail earlier this week.

Trooper Robert Reyer of the Washington State Patrol shared news of the collision early on Tuesday morning on Twitter, confirming an investigation into a “hit and run” involving the 2020 luxury vehicle.

Included with Reyer’s tweet were several photos of the car, which appeared to have gotten stuck directly under a guard rail ... near Tacoma. The car also looked to be totaled. ...

Police have not been able to speak to the driver, who left behind the McLaren sports car when fleeing the scene. ...
FULL STORY: https://thehill.com/homenews/nexsta...ar-on-side-of-road-after-accident-police-say/
Bride, 24, shot to death at her own wedding by stray bullet from clumsy guest's gun

Mahvash Leghaei, 24, died at her own wedding after a 36-year-old guest believed to be the groom's cousin clumsily fired a gun in a nomadic marriage tradition gone horribly wrong

The bullet, the second of two that were discharged from the weapon, is reported to have pierced her skull before injuring two male attendees.

Firing a gun to celebrate a marriage is a common custom in Iran and some other parts of the Middle East, despite being illegal.

Commenting on the incident, police spokesman Colonel Mehdi Jokar said: "We had an emergency call of a shooting at a wedding hall in Firuzabad city and officers were dispatched immediately.

"The officers discovered that somebody had fired shots with a hunting rifle as part of the local nomad tradition, but unfortunately because of the crowds and the person's poor control of the weapon, he managed to shoot three people, two men and the bride.

"The shooter then fled the area but police located the man still carrying the unlicensed hunting rifle that had been fired at the wedding.
I think some of most ridiculous accidents are those involving people trying to ride a skateboard down stairs or a handrail. Virtually always ends in tears. If I had a tenner for every time I've said t*** whilst watching videos like this. I'd be able to afford a Jag.
I had one go on a skateboard in 1978, did quite well and didn't fall off, and quit while I was ahead.
Whenever I see those films I'm always reminded of the film "Idiocracy" (which is excellent if you haven't seen it).

"Ow my balls"

This Louisiana tree service crane flipped up on end while clearing tree branches, and the crane's boom (arm) crushed the customer's home's roof.

Tree-cutting crane flips over, crashes into home

A home’s roof was crushed in Louisiana this weekend when a tree service crane vehicle flipped over onto it. ...

“It appears to be something that went awry when it came to the weight after they cut a section of the tree off and it caused what you see to happen,” Assistant Fire Chief Mark Guastella told KSLA. “In doing so, the boom of the truck went through the house and so it damaged the house significantly.”

Guastella said everyone inside the house was able to get out on the opposite side and weren’t hurt.

The driver of the crane was also uninjured. ...
FULL STORY (With Video): https://www.wafb.com/wafb/2022/08/22/tree-cutting-crane-flips-over-crashes-into-home/
A Japanese municipal team dispatched to deal with a pesky macaque accidentally shot a woman bystander with a tranquilizer dart, knocking her out. The monkey got away ...
Monkey hunters accidentally shoot tranquilizer into woman who reported rogue ape

A monkey hunting mission backfired spectacularly after a bumbling gunman accidentally shot a woman with a tranquilizer dart — knocking her out for an hour.

The comedy of errors was set in motion after reports surfaced of a Japanese macaque — also known as a snow monkey — lurking near Fujikawa Station in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture ... In response, the city hall dispatched three municipal employees and one simian-hunting specialist equipped with tranquilizer rifles to apprehend the rogue ape.

Unfortunately, their monkey hunting mission turned catastrophic after one of the gunmen accidentally shot a woman they were interviewing about the fugitive primate. ...

Reports state that the hunters were taping their rifles to avoid air escaping, whereupon one of the bozos accidentally discharged their weapon. As a result, the hapless woman was struck in the arm with a dart — which was reportedly packed with enough sedative to subdue a 33-pound money — putting her out like a light.

Following the ludicrous misfire, the victim was rushed to the hospital, where she awoke an hour later, Sora reported. However, it took another full hour before the patient was lucid enough to speak coherently.

The Fuji government has since apologized to the woman and has pledged an investigation and policy review to avoid another such disaster. ...

Unfortunately — albeit perhaps unsurprisingly — the problem macaque remains at large.
FULL STORY: https://nypost.com/2022/08/30/monke...-tranquilize-woman-knocking-her-out-for-hour/
This fellow's new sailboat hit a jetty and beached itself after he set the autopilot to use the bathroom, remained below decks for some time, and the autopilot disengaged. Bonus insult added to injury: He'd owned the boat for only 3 weeks.
Sailboat Stranded on Jersey Shore Beach as Captain Used Bathroom

A sailboat running on autopilot became stranded on a Jersey Shore beach Monday morning after its captain had to step away to use the bathroom.

Steve Strickland told NBC10 he was headed to the Chesapeake Bay from Queens, New York when nature called ...

“I had to use the bathroom and I set the autopilot, and I went down into the hull and the autopilot shut off,” Strickland said.

The boat ended up hitting a rock jetty before getting stuck on the sand at 9th Street Beach in Ocean City around 4 a.m. ...

Lifeguards closed the surrounding area to swimmers before the boat was towed away in the afternoon. ...

For Strickland, the ordeal constitutes “a lot of headache and a lot of money” just three weeks after buying the vessel.
FULL STORY: https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/new...shore-beach-as-captain-used-bathroom/3354248/

Passenger’s head crushed when they urinated between carriages on moving Tube

The commuter’s head was crushed on the Piccadilly Line service, but they somehow escaped with their life.

Transport for London confirmed they suffered serious injuries in the incident, which was revealed in its quarterly health and safety report.

There were also eight falls on staircases, including one woman who died after falling down steps at Walthamstow Central station.
It does make you wonder how people get into these situations - it's not as though The Piccadilly Line and it's stations are miles from any toilet facilities, or indeed, in desperation...just peeing in a quiet corner somewhere on the platforms or adjoining foot tunnels!
Stood between carriages? While it's on the move? Crazy.
It does make you wonder how people get into these situations - it's not as though The Piccadilly Line and it's stations are miles from any toilet facilities, or indeed, in desperation...just peeing in a quiet corner somewhere on the platforms or adjoining foot tunnels!
Stood between carriages? While it's on the move? Crazy.
Speculating in the absence of details I’d hazard a guess at alcohol & underestimating your piss-holding ability.
Yeah I can't disagree with that. It does seem most likely.
There's only 2 other explanations for such actions that can account for it, as far as I can see.
I'm not familiar with the physical layout of Piccadilly Line trains, but I don't understand how one gets their head crushed simply by being between carriages. Every train system I've been on that physically - if not legally - allows passengers to move between cars has a gap between those cars. In fact I can't imagine a setup that doesn't; the train has to flex when rounding curves.