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music & muscians

  1. MrRING

    Urine, On The Record

    Or IN the record in this case... Aussie punk band Private Function made a limited edition "golden record" with the band's urine mixed into the vinyl. Obviously a hot take! https://www.loudersound.com/news/private-function-urine-filled-vinyl
  2. MrRING

    Beethoven's Hair Combed Through Scientifically

  3. maximus otter

    A Fortean Tune for St. Patrick's Day: Port na bPúcaí

    A pouca, or in Irish púca, usually refers to a magical being--a "water sprite,” or "mischievous fairy”--a word adapted by Shakespeare for his character Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream. [It is said that this] air is about the death of one such spirit. There is a story that this tune was heard by...
  4. MrRING

    What Caused Karen Carpenter's Death?

    So I'm a fan of Karen Carpenter - sue me! Now, most folks are familiar with her story, and know that anorexic behaviors were the main reason for her untimely demise. Having seen Karen Carpenter Superstar and read about her life, I really thought that her death was caused by vomiting food up...
  5. MrRING

    Errol Flynn's Ghost Haunted Tracy Nelson

    I was listening to the excellent Maltin On Movies podcast, hosted by longtime movie critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie, and their guest was Tracy Nelson (the episode of June 7th, 2019). She is the daughter of Rick Nelson and granddaughter of Ozzie & Harriet. Aside from excellent...
  6. James_H

    Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind

    Has anyone heard this one? Some people believe that Wonder's blindness is a sham, and have various bits of 'evidence' to support their claim. Perhaps the most famous of which is this: A lot of the rest is personal anecdotes from other celebrities like Boy George and Donald Glover, who doubted...
  7. OneWingedBird

    What's She Gonna Look Like With A Chimney On Her?

    One of my colleagues at work has been getting reaquainted with 90s dance music, never cared for it much but of course I just had to tease her about this track which has the most ridiulous lyric - "What's she gonna look like with a chimey on her?" So I had a google around to see if it was just...
  8. Vardoger

    Taylor Swift: The Reincarnated Leader Of The Church Of Satan?

    Taylor Swift accused of being reincarnated leader of the Church of Satan in bizarre online theory Some people might argue that only the darkest of magic could guarantee stratospheric success seen by the likes of Taylor Swift. But now a genuinely bonkers theory has emerged suggesting The Swift...
  9. skinny

    ★ ~ The David Bowie Thread ~ ★

    Not before time ~ an artist before, within and yet outside his time. I give you David Robert Jones. Share your own personal interpretation of the man and his work. There's a lot to talk about. Let's do it here to spare the What Music?~ians our obsession. ★ will be released officially in three...
  10. poozler

    The Wrong Death Of The Blues

    In the early morning of 15 May, I had a very vivid dream. The first thing I said to my husband was 'Eric Burdon is dead'. The dream was very vivid so I raced downstairs and booted up the computer. Eric Burdon was fine, but BB King had died. As my husband said, 'Well, you got the genre right'...
  11. skinny

    Let There Be More Light: The Pink Floyd Thread

    Vimeo ... everything you tyube isn't. pF++ good Let's talk about these three bands called Pink Floyd.
  12. lordmongrove

    Fortean Times: The Album

    The Fortean Times Concept Album Abominable Snowman in the Market Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers Star Man David Bowie Ghosts Japan Ra-Ra-Rsputin Boney M Eight wonder Lemon Demon (about Gef the talking mongoose) Wildman Kate Bush Devil in the Woods Death Party...
  13. ramonmercado

    Ancient Instruments & Music

    Another find in High Pasture cave.
  14. CarlosTheDJ

    The Beatles Live On In Another Dimension?

    OK guys, I just found this site. The quote on the opening page: Odd enough, but wait til you read "The Story" which explains where he got it from! http://www.thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com/
  15. GNC

    Andrew W.K. & His Doppelgängers

    Full story, ongoing at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_wk Plus: Any thoughts on this strange chap? He's also a motivational speaker whose philosophy is something like hedonism, but could he be some kind of media prank? I would have thought his middling fame would have gone against...
  16. S

    Scotch Mist: A Radio Programme Of Scottish Ghost Stories

    Radio Six International http://www.radiosix.com/index.html have a programme 1630 GMT Thursday called Scotch Mist described as "A programme of Scottish ghost stories and traditional music." Website states that the programme was originally broadcast on December 32 1985, Spooky eh. :shock: I...
  17. OneWingedBird

    Psyberion/Mutronic Concept Album

    I'd never heard of this before until I accidentally found it on Ebay, probably not going to buy it 'cos I've heard bad electronic music before that usually sounds like someone revving the liquidiser for 90 minutes. Kind of wondered if anyone knew anything much about it? This Ebayer has...
  18. K

    John Lydon Missed Lockerbie (Just)

  19. MrRING

    Ghostly Drummers

    I'm getting scared BA-RUMP-PA-PA-PUM I'm hearing ghostly taps BA-RUMP-PA-PA-PUM What is it with ghosts and drums? Reading through a book on ghosts & spirits, I found no less than three instances, and there are probably more. Ghost Drummer of Edinburgh Castle...
  20. D


    Probably not the right thread but however... I just read Vercingetorix's post about They died too young and when I saw this: It reminded me of a topic I posted either here or somewhere else about this disproportionate number of rock stars whose lives ended at the age of twenty seven...
  21. A

    Kirk Brandon & Spear Of Destiny

    Do any of you have any stories involving Kirk Brandon and esoterica, or just Kirk Brandon and Spear of Destiny......which I suppose is esoteric in nature....I always thought that KB and his band,were the next big thing that, but for one reason or other, were close,never quite got...
  22. Hospitaller

    Medieval Grail Literature & Roxy Music Lyrics

    Continuing the theme of forteana in rock music, and not wanting to deviate on the Jethro Tull thread, I wonder if any Roxy Music fans have detected Arthurian/Grail/ and very well informed specific allusions to medieval literature dealing with "fortean" topics in the group's lyrics? I've just...
  23. taras

    Eminem: Prepare For The Downfall

    Notice how despite the fact that Eminem's recent album and film were not particularly great, the critics all went mad about both, saying things like "Is Eminem the new Elvis?" (The Times)... Now, I don't know about you, but to me this looks suspiciously like the old secret service "build...
  24. taras

    Hidden Messages In Music (NOT 'Backwards' / 'Reversed')

    Something I've always had a penchant for is hidden messages in music - popular or otherwise. A few examples I can think of are- - The "oh! fuckin' hell" at 2:56 in the Beatles' "Hey Jude" - Another "fuckin' hell" at 1:47 in the Bluetones' "Slight Return" - very quiet sniggers of "Take PCP"...
  25. A

    Bob Holness & Baker Street

    This one's been doing the rounds for ages, cult Blockbusters presenter Bob Holness is frequently reputed to have played the saxophone solo on Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street". I think this is a myth, but if he didn't, then who did?
  26. A

    Cursed Songs (Gloomy Sunday, Etc.)

    Anyone have any observations on the legend of 'Gloomy Sunday'? And furthermore, should I elaborate, or just leave people who've never heard of it wondering? Don't go pointing me to no websites neither. I might hear it accidentally and do meself an injury. ...now you're really puzzled...
  27. M

    James Brown Sees Dead People

    From The Week, August 9 issue: "James Brown gets squirrelly around electronic gadgets, says Philip Gourevitch in The New Yorker. The Godfather of Soul avoids televisions, he says, because he can foresee people's deaths when they appear on the screen. It happened the first time when he saw...
  28. D

    The Sound Of Pan Pipes

    I remember ages ago someone, from Kiddiminster wrote in to FT about hearing pan pipes in his back garden, I can't remember exactly what it said now. I would have posted a message earlier, but I've only just managed to post messages on this board. I just thought this was odd as I used to live in...
  29. C

    'Earworms' & Stuck-Tune Syndrome

    This is weird- I think I read this before somewhere- it's on the "Breaking News" section of the site here. Here's the link (not sure if it will work): http://www.startribune.com/stories/389/2011767.html Does anybody remember reading this somewhere before? I seem to think it was two or...
  30. A

    Search And Ye Shall Not Find

    I recall a few years back there was a trend amongst Bands and I guess record labels to include hidden or difficult to access tracks onto album / single CD’s, Nirvanas “nevermind” was one such record that was rumoured to contain a hidden track but only on a limited number of copies. Robbie...
  31. A

    Occult Rock Bands

    OCCULT MUSIC! Unfortunately heavy rock music has always been connected (hilariously - despite some musicians saying they practiced whatever..) with 'Devil worship', etc, especially with the Nordic form of 'black metal'. In your opinion, what is the most 'evil' sounding, or darkest record you...
  32. A

    Elvis Presley

    Elvis as religious, cultural, social, media Icon. In a thousand years will Las Vegas be the new Mecca/Vatican? Will " In Elvis we trust" appear on the new world order banknote? Are we now watching the slow growth of a new Messiah. Is it my imagination or is the instance of recurrence of the use...
  33. A

    Fortean-Themed Albums, Songs & Music

    As a bit of light relief how about a list of fortean themed records. Starter for 10. It's raining men - Weathergirls There's a ghost in my house - R. Dean Taylor Bet there are more than 50...