1. ramonmercado

    World Archaeologists Hunt For Lost Palace In Scottish Borders

    The lost castle, could be a film in this. World archaeologists hunt for lost palace in Scottish Borders Published 2 days ago By David Knox BBC Scotland Selkirk An international effort is being made to identify a medieval palace in the Scottish Borders. Archaeologists and students from...
  2. Min Bannister

    Man Finds 8,000 Year Old Dolphin Bones In Garden What an amazing story! He was digging a pool for his children when he struck a bone. More details at the link.
  3. maximus otter

    Animal Carcass Washed Ashore On Donmouth Beach Sparks Concern

    A washed-up animal on Donmouth Beach has sparked concerns after dog footprints were spotted nearby. Serena Rae, from Bridge of Don, had been taking a stroll on the beach on Tuesday when she came across the mysterious dead animal. “I was a bit scared as I have never seen a dead animal like...
  4. blessmycottonsocks

    Spaceport UK - Unst (Shetland)

    Given the huge disappointment over the UK's first spaceport launch failing and, at the time of writing, no further plans to launch again from Spaceport Cornwall, it's time to turn our attention to the other end of the UK, with SaxaVord UK’s vertically launched rockets scheduled to launch from...
  5. gordonrutter

    Edinburgh Fortean Society 2023

    The first meeting if the Edinburgh Fortean Society of 2023 Scott Lyall will be speaking on: Do The Hills Really Have Eyes: The Emergent Folklore Of Cannibals In US National Parks Tales of strange disappearances and sightings of wild, primitive looking people within national parks in the US...
  6. Comfortably Numb

    Charles Fort's Ancestral Scottish Connections

    Merely out of curiosity, I had spent some time online, researching Charles Fort's ancestry. To my surprise, if not indeed astonishment, something quite unexpected has transpired. I wondered if Fort's ancestral Scottish connection was known? If not and maybe of interest, I shall provide...
  7. James_H

    The Finnmen — Inuits In Early-Modern Scotland

    Something fascinating that's never been on my radar before now. In 1682, a man in a "little boat" (presumed to be a kayak) was sighted off Eday in Orkney. Locals pursued him and he left the scene at speed. Two years later in 1684, another was sighted at Westray. Later a kayak was captured and...
  8. CharmerKamelion

    UFO Over Edinburgh On ITN News? [5 May 2021]

    Hi guys. Did anyone see the ITN News at Ten tonight? That is on Wednesday 5th May. I ask because a few minutes into the programme (just moments after the headlines and title music) they cut away from the newsreader Tom Bradby (live from Edinburgh) to pan across the night sky above Edinburgh and...
  9. maximus otter

    Annie Borjesson: Mystery Death In 2005

    On December 4 2005, Annie Borjesson was discovered face down and fully clothed on Prestwick beach. The 30-year-old had travelled to Prestwick airport the previous day and intended to fly back home to Sweden. Both Scottish and Swedish authorities have always cited the most likely cause of death...
  10. lordmongrove

    Boleskine House: Crowley At Loch Ness

    Great Beast of the Glen.
  11. ramonmercado

    Scottish Village In Italian Alps Where Residents Wear kilts & Play Bagpipes

    Scots Awa'! Another Lost Legion. Scottish village in Italian Alps where residents wear kilts and play bagpipes Adolofo Nicolussi: 'Our town was colonized by the surviving mercenaries who were traipsing over the Alps after fighting the nearby battle of Pavia' An Italian village in the Alps...
  12. Spookdaddy

    Climbers Hear 'Bloodcurdling Screaming' On Ben Nevis (Feb. 2015)

    Slightly old news, but intriguing – and, unless I’ve missed something in the mean time, I don’t think there’s been a resolution. I’ve had a quick shufty around the MB but can’t find that the following story ever made it here – which kind of surprises me. Bump me if I’m wrong. Full article...
  13. H

    Ghost Tales From Everyday People

    I am 60 this year, and I have been amazed just how many rational people have admitted they have either seen or felt a ghost. I got to talk intimately with men and women when I was a nurse and carer, so perhaps they felt they could confide in someone who would give them a sympathetic ear. I...
  14. maximus otter

    The Calvine UFO Sighting (Scotland; August 1990)

    Declassified government files have revealed how Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials launched a top-level probe into a diamond shaped aircraft seen hovering above a Scottish village. Officials were so alarmed by the object, which was captured on camera, that they broke with established...
  15. S

    Scotch Mist: A Radio Programme Of Scottish Ghost Stories

    Radio Six International have a programme 1630 GMT Thursday called Scotch Mist described as "A programme of Scottish ghost stories and traditional music." Website states that the programme was originally broadcast on December 32 1985, Spooky eh. :shock: I...
  16. G

    Arthur's Seat Coffins

    Every time I visit Chambers Steet Museum in Edinburgh , I make a point of having a look at these . They were 17 tiny coffins , each containing a small figure , and were found buried on Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh back in the 1936 . If I recall correctly , thes coffins also formed part of the plot...
  17. M

    Star Jelly (Pwdre Ser)

    Not sure if there is a better place (couldn't find one) but here is Mark Pilkington's most recent piece in the Garudian: Source
  18. M

    Building Sacrifices (Mummified Cats, Immurement & So On)

    mummified cats Hi, I am new on this list and this may sound peculiar but I am working on an online cat-a-log, being a catalog of mummified cats found in houses, churches,deliberatley placed there as a form of foundationsacrifice, all information is welcome, though some of these have a...
  19. gyrtrash

    Flannan Islands: Mysterious Disappearance

    This is one of my favourite weird tales! It's like a 'Mary Celeste', but happened on the remote islands west of the Hebrides at the beginning of the last century. 'Strange Islands. The Flannan Islands have long been the focal point of many superstitions by the local people. Indeed there...
  20. taras

    Eerie Edinburgh

    Edinburgh and the weird Hello! I've just moved recently to Edinburgh, and was wondering if anyone knows of any particularly interesting paranormal places or events (I'm a student, I've got lots of time on my hands ;) ). Living in the shadow of Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags is...
  21. A

    Mary King's Close

    Has anyone been down there or even experienced anything while having a look round? Interested to hear thoughts and opinions on this as im thinking of trying to get a group together to go there.
  22. A

    Wodewose & The British Bigfoot

    Are there any sasquatch/bigfoot stories in the UK? As topic.
  23. A

    The Loch Ness Monster

    nessie pic Anyone know who took this pic? (Image is MIA. It is subsequently identified as the 1977 Shiels photo. This specimen of the 1977 Shiels photo is inserted as a substitute for the MIA photo originally posted here.)