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  1. ramonmercado

    What Was Behind The Garrotting Panics Of London?

    I think this is the first time I've read about this panic. What was behind the garrotting panics of London? 5 hours ago By Bethan Bell,BBC News Getty Images A robber seizes a man from behind while his companion threatens him with a club The 19th Century saw London became the world's biggest...
  2. Yithian

    The Lady Vanishes: Park Crescent, West London (Christmas Eve 1959)

    Not a lot to go on, but the author seems to be Lucian Landau, psychic investigator, medium, dowser and condom pioneer! I'm on a phone at the moment. Can anybody rustle up an image of the location?
  3. Lord Lucan

    Medieval Murder Maps

    This is really interesting: The London Medieval Murder Map https://www.vrc.crim.cam.ac.uk/vrcresearch/london-medieval-murder-map Whilst the page itself gives some basic information, here's a more detailed explanation...
  4. ramonmercado

    Transplant Patient Sees Own Heart On Display At Museum

    Yiu take my heart away. Transplant patient sees own heart go on display at museum Published 30 minutes ago Share IMAGE SOURCE, TOM EVANS Image caption, Jennifer Sutton's heart is on display at the Hunterian Museum in London By Toby Wadey BBC News A woman has visited her own heart at a...
  5. MrRING

    The Battle Of Blythe Road: Magician Battle Royale

    I can't say that I had heard of this fracas before, but I guess it shows one swift kick trumps magic: https://www.mentalfloss.com/posts/william-butler-yeats-aleister-crowley-magic-duel https://loopline.com/wb-yeats-the-battle-of-blythe-road/
  6. MorningAngel

    Compendium Of London Ghosts & Hauntings

    It even has some ones I hadn’t heard about before. Covent Garden: 5 Haunted Places to Visit Articles Here: https://www.spookyisles.com/covent-garden-haunted-ghosts/
  7. maximus otter

    Bram Stoker's Home, London

    While on a trip into the Big City to visit the National Army Museum yesterday, my eagle eye fell upon a blue plaque en route to the attraction. Closer inspection revealed something that might be of interest to peripatetic Forteans: Image courtesy of National Heritage (as my iPhone shot was...
  8. ramonmercado

    Palace Of Westminster: Possible Remains Of Medieval Thames River Wall Found

    Mods: This might fit in an existing Thread, if so, please move it. Palace of Westminster: Possible remains of medieval Thames river wall found Published 6 hours ago Possible remains of the medieval Thames shoreline have been uncovered by experts restoring the Palace of Westminster. The...
  9. Feech23

    Childhood Memory

    Another thread I just read about the child seeing the old lady in black with the limp triggered a memory of a sad time for my family in the early 1980s when my aunt died suddenly in London and her husband died at the funeral. Our cousins were staying with us in Ireland as the adults travelled...
  10. maximus otter

    Foundling Museum, London

    I found myself in The Smoke again the other day, so I thought I'd visit an attraction I'd long planned to see: the Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury. The Foundling Hospital from which it takes its name was founded in 1739 by a philanthropic sea captain, Thomas Coram. He returned to England after...
  11. Victory

    London Ghost Books (And Other British Ghost Books)

    Spinning off from the London Underground thread, where we have been discussing books...I wonder if anyone can recommend a couple of books about ghosts/haunting in London that I can buy? I have in mind: One which has some easily digestible "anecdotes"/interesting stories. And one which is more...
  12. mikfez

    The London Beer Flood (1814)

    The Great London Beer Flood 1814
  13. eziofan

    A Haunted Pub Toilet?

    Many years ago I used to drink in a pub in East London called the Kings Head (locally called 'The Nuthouse'). It was quite a big old pub and was situated across the road from West Ham Church which has a history going back to the Norman period. One night, during an after hours "late night...
  14. McAvennie

    Something Lurks In The Thames

    Report that the Loch Ness Monster has been seen in the Thames. I will take a moment to just rant at the utter idiocy of what passes as 'journalists' these days, if it is in the Thames it is clearly not the fucking Loch Ness Monster...
  15. Tribble

    Narwhal Tusk Used Against Terrorist

    As you likely know, there was a terror attack in London yesterday (29/11/19) in which, sadly, several people died, several more seriously injured. The terrorist was subdued by, amongst others, someone wielding a narwhal tusk (acquired by someone from Fishmonger's Hall).
  16. Lord Lucan

    Occult London Of The 70s

    Browsing Twitter earlier this evening, I came across this supremely interesting and ongoing thread about this fabulous book below: The thread begins: 'My flatmate has this amazing 1970 book which is basically a directory of various occult services and where to get them so had to share some of...
  17. MrRING

    Pea Soup Pranks & London Fog

    I got through recently watching the old thriller flick Midnight Lace with Doris Day, and part of the plot revolved around the idea (early in the story at least) that heavy fog in London led to outrageous pranks being perpetrated. it is one of the reasons the police dispel initial fears that...
  18. titch

    The Battersea Poltergeist

    I Have just finished "the poltergeist prince of london, the remarkable true story of the battersea poltergeist" and while i thought it was a very interesting read, the case itself i have my doubts about. While there appear to be a few events for which shirley can't seem to be blamed for, i think...
  19. A

    Spontaneous Human Combustion

    Spontaneous Human Gallstones? All accounts of spontaneous human combustion follow the same pattern, and I'm surprised nobody's noticed a simple connection. Here's an experiment. Take a large dinnerplate and place a few small articles on it made of wood, plastic, paper, etc. Place a cocktail...
  20. Quake42

    Oddness On The London Underground

    I noticed there didn't seem to be a thread on this, so I decided to start one! A general home for any unusual or weird Tube-related stories. I'll kick off. This morning on the District Line I saw a man in a suit and bowler hat. Not too unusual although bowler hats are seen relatively rarely...
  21. James_H

    Eerie East London

    Hi I've recently moved to Hackney, in East London. Following a mention of the Bear of Hackney Marshes on another thread, I've been intrigued to find out a bit more about any Fortean/gruesome local history of this and surrounding areas. Murder certainly seems popular; the first railway murder...
  22. L

    Who Was 'France' From Wild Talents?

    Hi everyone, I've always wondered who was this France that Charles Fort mentionned in Wild Talents in the following paragraph : Nov. 4, 1926 -- This is worth noting. Last night, I noted about the pictures, because earlier in the evening, talking over psychic experiences with France and...
  23. GNC

    The Enfield Poltergeist

    I couldn't find a thread devoted to this, but I noticed from the post here: http://www.offthetelly.co.uk/blog/index.htm ...that there's a new documentary about the case on Channel 4 at the end of the month. With an interview with Janet! It probably won't change any minds either way, but...
  24. M

    Highgate Cemetery

    What a cool looking cemetry. Was watching a documentry in me dads on Sunday about what god could be and they were going through all kinds of religion and when the guy was in highgate cemetry, I just liked the look of it. The place would look spooky at night and even more if it had the fog...
  25. A

    Chislehurst Caves Ghost

    Anyone got any info of the 'lady of the lake' down there? supposedly dragged one of the guides into the lake when he was doing the £5 challenge.
  26. staticgirl

    Spooks On The Tube: Ghosts Of London Underground

    Channel 5 is making a documentary about ghosts on the tube (www.underlondonunderground.co.uk) and are trying to find people who've had weird experiences there. A few years ago, my ex boyfriend nearly fainted in Kings Cross. He said he could hear people screaming and a strange noise. It turns...
  27. Mal_Adjusted

    John Dee's Crystal Stolen From Science Museum

    Hi news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=3868455 Link is dead. Quoted text herein is the entirety of the original article. An archived version of the original article can be accessed via the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20050112095358/http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=3868455
  28. M

    A Blue Plaque For Charles Fort?

    Currently Charles Fort's house in London (39a Marchmont Street) has a shiny silver plaque (see attachment) and not one a nice, distinguished blue one (which is much easier to photograph ;) ). So why not put our collective weight behind getting one? Heres how...
  29. T

    They Killed John Mack!

    UFO Reseacher John Mack Dies Harvard professor and psychiatrist John Mack was hit by a car and killed in London on Monday night, September 27. After meeting UFO researcher Budd Hopkins in Cape Cod, where both of them spent the summers, Mack became intrigued by people who claimed to have UFO...
  30. A

    The British Library

    Ok, i'm not sure if i'm immagining this particular snippet of information or not, but i seem to remember hearing that the basement of the British library contained a collection of banned/forbidden books. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?
  31. A

    Laser Scanners At The Casino: 'Sting' Uncovers Hi-Tech Cheating Scam

    ARCHIVED SOURCE: https://web.archive.org/web/20040612235633/http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-13023146,00.html Three people have been arrested on suspicion of swindling more than £1m from the Ritz casino. The two men and one woman from Eastern Europe were held after scooping the...
  32. Yithian

    Sharks On The Streets

    Sub-tropical paradise in London The East End of London used to be a sub-tropical paradise with swaying palm trees, shallow warm waters and exotic marine species. This is the conclusion drawn by Jackie Skipper, palaeontologist at the UK's Natural History Museum, from fossils uncovered by...
  33. MrRING

    Wax Museums & Waxworks

    The wax figures of Madame Tussaud - didn't see first get fame casting wax heads during the French Revolution? Did she invent the process of showing them? Did she get any famous heads that still exist, like Marie Antionette? And/or would a wax head from so long ago actually still be...
  34. MrRING

    Is Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop Still There?

    I just got through reading the Crime Library's listing for Sweeney Todd and, in one of the graphics, it had a picture of what I took to be Sweeney Todd's actual shop. Does his shop still exist, the swivling barber's chair to drop victims to the basement, the catacombs that connected Sweeney...
  35. A

    The Famous Phantom Double-Decker Bus

    The big red fun bus! I just stumbled across this rather interesting story and thought id share it. I never knew the london buses were old enough to be around in the 1930's. does anyone know any similar storys? and here's a quick pic of a london bus for those that dont know what they...
  36. A

    Roman Britain: New Findings & Discoveries

    Click here for more. Link is dead. No archived version found. See following post for the MIA article's text.
  37. A

    The Highgate Vampire: 'The Truth'

    I have realised just how much the legend of the Highgate Vampire has become ignored since it first materialised in the '60s. Not many people know the real truth behind the mystery and confusion has arisen over this spectre, mostly due to the characters involved. However, a malevolent spirit did...
  38. A

    Jack The Ripper (Compendium Thread)

    Okay, Dark Detective, but you do realise this will now be ALL my social life? Aaron Kosminski - supposedly McNaughten's favourite suspect, but losing favour these days. Kosminski was said to have threatened his sister with a knife and threatened another with a chair leg. Neither of which is...
  39. JamesWhitehead

    Psychic / Medium Levitation Photos (Colin Evans: London, 1938)

    Often included in Believe It or Not type books and occult picture anthologies are photos of the medium Colin Evans levitating at a public meeting in North London in 1938. Some sources say they are infra-red shots. Certainly the audience members are absorbed in their own thoughts. Even the...
  40. A

    Spring-Heeled Jack, East-End Disappearances & Other Mysterious Characters

    East End Disappearances 1881-1890 I am trying to find information regarding unusual disappearances which began in the East End of London in 1881 and continued unsolved until January 1890. Apparently men, women and children from all classes disappeared into a 'Fortean void', never to be seen or...