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  1. maximus otter

    Elephant Calves Found Buried—What Does It Mean?

    The myth of elephant graveyards has pervaded popular culture, and recent observations of buried Asian elephant calves may finally give that legend some credence. In the research published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa, two scientists describe five instances where elephant calves have been...
  2. Yithian

    Alarm Clock Suspected Haunted By Ghost Of Vengeful Cat

    The Winfield Daily Free Press Kansas, Mon 30 Jan 1911 (Page 8) Source: https://www.newspapers.com/article/the-winfield-daily-free-press-cat-ghost/133949146/
  3. ramonmercado

    Horse Stuck Between Trees Rescued By Firefighters

    The horse is in a stable condition. Horse stuck between trees rescued by firefighters Millie's owner, Michelle Faul, was on hand to keep Millie clam by Alex Pope BBC News, Bedfordshire Published 2 hours ago A seven-year-old horse has been rescued by firefighters after she became stuck between...
  4. ramonmercado

    Reindeer Can Sleep While They Chew

    Sounds like Homer Simpson. Reindeer can sleep while they chew Time spent chewing cud eases the reindeer’s need for sleep, a new study finds Arctic reindeer make time for digesting by doing it in their sleep, a new study suggests. By Laura Sanders DECEMBER 22, 2023 AT 11:00 AM In this busy...
  5. Paul_Exeter

    World's First Fox-Dog Hybrid

    "‘Unusual’ creature found in Brazil is world’s first known fox-dog hybrid, study says" https://amp.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/article279365014.html
  6. kamalktk

    Judas Goats

    There were a couple of mentions of "Judas Goats" on the forums, but no information on what they actually were. tldr: tobacco addicted goats led lambs to the slaughter. Judas Goats: Agriculture’s Bizarre, Drug-Addicted Masters of Deceit Once Ruled the Killing Floor...
  7. Tunn11


    Here's one I'd not heard of before. The idea that elephants self domesticated and a reference to the theory that early humans may have as well. https://www.sciencealert.com/wild-elephants-appear-to-have-been-domesticated-but-not-by-humans Research article at...
  8. MrRING

    Haughty Dolphin Harassers Harangued Legally

  9. ramonmercado

    A Huge Fin Whale With Severe Scoliosis Was Filmed Swimming Off Spanish Coast

    There may be a pre-existing Thread for this topic. If so, kind Mod please send it to it's home. A Huge Fin Whale With Severe Scoliosis Was Filmed Swimming Off Spanish Coast NATURE15 March 2023 ByCARLY CASSELLA Fin whale with scoliosis. (Oceanogràfic València) A massive 40-ton fin whale...
  10. maximus otter

    Spinning Gorillas

    The reason gorillas spin themselves around in circles Apes turn rapidly to achieve an altered mental state and feeling of euphoria, just as the earliest humans did millions of years ago Gorillas and other apes spin themselves around in circles to get “high” – and early humans who lived...
  11. maximus otter

    Two Orcas Kill And Rip Livers From 17 Sharks In One Day

    Two orcas renowned for terrorizing great white sharks were again seen hunting off the coast of South Africa. The killer whales, which are dubbed Port and Starboard, are known to kill great whites and rip out their livers. Last month, marine scientists witnessed the deadly duo killing a record 17...
  12. ramonmercado

    Monkeys Missing From Dallas Zoo In Fourth Suspicious Incident

    Who is attacking Dallas Zoo? Monkeys missing from Dallas Zoo in fourth suspicious incident IMAGE SOURCE,STEVE CLANCY By Imogen James BBC News Two monkeys have allegedly been taken from Dallas Zoo - adding to a series of suspicious events including the release of a leopard and a vulture's death...
  13. blessmycottonsocks

    Are Aurochs Almost Back From Extinction?

    The last genuine aurochs (Bos primigenius), considered to be the larger and far more muscular wild ancestor of modern domestic cattle, died in eastern Europe in the 17th century. The Tauros Programme, founded in The Netherlands in 2008, has successfully back-bred several large and robust cattle...
  14. lordmongrove

    From Floating Market To Boot Camp & Death: The World's Fattest Monkey

    Uncle Fatty, the simian lard arse is sent off to lose weight. A monkey who has been given the nickname ‘uncle fatty’ is finally getting help for his obesity. The 33lb long-tailed macaque will go to boot camp after gorging on food from tourists including melons, milkshakes, sweetcorn and...
  15. maximus otter

    Monkey-Human Embryos Created In Lab For First Time

    In a move that some scientists say raises serious ethical questions, researchers have for the first time embryos that are a hybrid of human and monkey cells. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a professor in the Gene Expression Laboratories at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla...
  16. Mikefule

    Orcas / Killer Whales Ramming Yachts / Sailboats

    A rare and Fortean sighting indeed: a science article from the BBC which is detailed, well written, balanced, looks at the likely causes and consequences, and doesn't trivialise or sensationalise! The story is of Orcas/killer whales following and repeatedly head butting yachts and fishing...
  17. Comfortably Numb

    Robot 'Spy' Gorilla Records Wild Gorillas Singing

    Robot 'spy' gorilla records wild gorillas singing and farting, because nature is beautiful Source: livescience.com Date: 29 April, 2020 Mountain gorillas have been caught on camera as they "sing" during their supper, a behavior that has never before been documented on video. Filmmakers...
  18. Merle

    Mouse Plagues (Swarming Mice; Australia & E. Asia)

    Living in Australia and having lived in the remote isolated hot desert ouback for years I can easily believe that story. However, for us it's not rats, but on occassions, mice plagues and they come out by the droves at night looking for food. With nothing much for them to eat where I lived, they...
  19. rynner2

    The Nazi Aurochs Breeding Project (Heck Cattle)

    Devon farmer forced to kill 'Nazi' cows because they are too aggressive Derek Gow killed more than half his herd because they could not be handled Derek Gow with his 'Nazi' cattle Photo: SWNS.com By Victoria Ward 11:28AM GMT 05 Jan 2015 A farmer has been forced to cut down Britain's only...
  20. M

    Urban Coyotes: Myths & Reality

  21. lordmongrove

    In Search Of The Japanese Wolf

    http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2014/04/h ... nese-wolf/ In search of the Japanese wolf.
  22. W

    An Abundance Of Foxes

    On the way home from work (between Chislehurst and Greenhithe) I nearly hit 3 foxes at different spots, and have noticed lots of dead foxes (clearly hit by cars) in the road (more so than ever before). One fox was on the middle of a bypass roundabout. I wonder what's happening with them at the...
  23. ramonmercado

    Black Bears

    Trouble bruin? Will we have a Planet of the Bears? This could polarise debate.
  24. ramonmercado

    Brown Bears

    Actually, in the image it looks as if the bear is using a mobile phone!
  25. marion

    Dolphins & Porpoises (Miscellaneous; General)

    Pink dolphin calcasieucharters.com/index.cfm/ ... ID/125.htm Link is dead. Here's the text of the MIA article, salvaged from the Wayback Machine ... SOURCE: https://web.archive.org/web/20090221150547/https://calcasieucharters.com/index.cfm/MenuItemID/125.htm
  26. ramonmercado

    Earliest Flying Mammal Discovered

  27. ramonmercado


  28. G

    Belyaev / Belyayev Fox Domestication Experiments (USSR; 1950s Onward)

    Has anybody heard of the fox breeding experiment carried out over 40 odd years in Russia by a chap called Belyaev? Apparently he set about to breed a tame fox and selected rigorously for more than average tameness. After several years of selective breeding he had his tame foxes, BUT the...
  29. ramonmercado

    Gigantopithecus: Giant Ape That Co-Existed With Early Humans

  30. ramonmercado


  31. B

    The Two Varieties Of Tabby Cat

    Dunno if this should be on the cryptozoology page or not, but what the hell... Anyway, I heard a long time ago (don't know if it was a book, TV show or what) that the reason why there appear to be two varieties of domestic tabby cat - one with a stripy, 'tigerish' pattern to its coat, the...
  32. P

    Prehistoric Mammals

    New Scientist When the dinosaurs ruled the world, the mammals hid in the shadows, daring to grow no bigger than shrew-like insectivores that hunted at night. Or so we thought. Two stunning new fossils from China have overturned this preconception. Not only did large mammals live alongside...
  33. ramonmercado

    Remarkable Mice

    No Blind Mice, Thanks To UF Scientists 07 Jan 2005 University of Florida stem cell scientists reported today (Jan. 3) that they have prevented blindness in mice afflicted with a condition similar to one that robs thousands of diabetic Americans of their eyesight each year. Writing in...
  34. C

    Pine Martens

    Martens Not extinct Source
  35. gyrtrash

    Werewolf Sightings In North Yorkshire

    Can anyone furnish me with any information, links, books etc. that describe the purported activities of a werewolf in East Yorkshire? I believe the beast could be found around the village of Flixton... Cheers Dave:)
  36. M

    The Hippopotamus / Hippo Thread

  37. M

    When Dogs Attack

    Dog rapes man: Man rapes dog (or at least tries to) and gets mauled: http://news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,8579692^13762,00.html I think for the betterment of mankind the dog should hve bitten his nuts off ;) Emps
  38. M

    Cetacean Culture

    It has been pretty much proved that chimps have what can be strictly defined as a culture is it going to be the whales turn next? [edit: ooops no link - its here: http://www.sciencentral.com/articles/view.php3?language=english&type=article&article_id=218392150 ] The article has quite a few...
  39. T

    Wild Boar

    The FT search engine didn't provide me with any links to threads relating to wild boars UK or elsewhere, so I'm hoping that this thread could become devoted to any sightings or news links etc.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/gloucestershire/3375611.stm 07/01/04 Wild boar spotted in...
  40. phi23

    I Can Hear Bats Squeaking—Can You?

    Is it unusual that I can hear bats squeaking? I've always been able to hear them - and I know its bats because I only ever hear them when I see them flying around - in fact I hear them before I see them. I noticed bats squeaking last night while out walking between some country pubs and...
  41. A

    Rabbits (General; Miscellaneous)

    Rabits? remarkable animal... not native to Uk tho and on Time Team they said that in Saxon times they required speciel care to survive in the English winter ie warens... So whats thier normal range?... is say Denmark too cold? or is the weather so much warmer nowdays? I understand they...
  42. D

    Kangaroo Madness

    Sorry if somebody's posted this already (the search showed nothing and I checked Snopes as well) but I found this quite disturbing: In Victoria, Australia, kangaroos have come into the city because there's a drought, and the animals are starving and thirsty so are very unpredictable. A...
  43. A

    Cries In The Dark: Dingo Attacks

    Skull find could be missing Briton's I remember seeing the story of this disappearance in FT - maybe he just showed up: Police in Australia are trying to identify a human skull found on a popular tourist island amid speculation it could be the remains of a tourist from London who disappeared...
  44. JamesWhitehead

    Badger Forteana

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/uklatest/story/0,1271,-2460035,00.html Ron Davies says trips to gay haunt were to 'watch badgers' Ananova Thursday March 6, 2003 8:47 PM Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies has admitted making repeated trips to a notorious gay cruising haunt - but only to watch...
  45. taras

    Rats! Rats! Rats!

    According to tonight's Reporting Scotland "nobody is ever further than 10 feet away from a rat". Is there any evidence for this? I mean, I'm pretty certain I'm not within 10 feet of a rat (I live on the 2nd floor).
  46. T

    Humans & Dogs: Cooperation / Co-Evolution / Domestication

    As a dog owner and someone who lists evolutionary theory as a hobby (I should listen to my wife and get out more) I have been giving some thought to the relationship between humans and dogs. I am not aware of a major group of humans who don’t have domesticated dogs. So what would prompt this...
  47. JamesWhitehead

    Aggressive & Destructive Squirrels

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,835154,00.html Flesh-eating squirrel stalks streets of Knutsford Rebecca Allison Thursday November 7, 2002 The Guardian Householders in Knutsford, Cheshire, are being plagued by the unlikeliest of foes - a vicious grey squirrel with a...
  48. A

    Chimpanzee Culture & Intelligence

    Chimps may be smarter than we thought. From theWashington Post. : 'A band of chimpanzees in West Africa routinely swing crude stone hammers to crack open nuts, a sophisticated use of tools the apes have been teaching to each new generation for more than a century. Using carefully selected...
  49. A

    Urban Foxes/Rural Legend

    Out-of-Place Foxes BBC Radio 4's "Farming Today" programme on Tuesday 19th March, contained a short article on "out-of-place" foxes. It seems that Scottish farmers have been encountering numbers of "dazed, disoriented-looking" foxes, when out "lamping" (hunting foxes by night). One farmer...
  50. M

    Fortean Sheep & Strangeness Involving Sheep

    Weirdest thing I ever saw was about 12 sheep on the hill opposite my window stood in a perfect circle, facing each other... wierd...