Suggestions About Re-Organisation: Move & Merge Requests

I'd be grateful if my posts #188 & #196 could maybe be moved - if thought appropriate - from
to the thread
as I am mindful of instigating OT discussion and tangents.


Honest apologies for the delay.

Those earlier suggestions upthread are all on our to-do list and have not been forgotten.

The new ones I shall quickly look at.
I suggest posts ##4,864 #4,866-4868 & #4,871 regarding videos of reported reactions to transient Fentanyl exposure by US law enforcement personnel in

Strange Crimes

be moved into the Mass Hysteria thread

Logic and medical evidence show it can't be a real OD but rather a psychogenic 'illness' e.g.,

Now done.

Equally late.
Not a move/merge but a suggestion re a thread title -

Originally named after a mostly-forgotten TV documentary, the thread title (although in 'Conspiracy' sub-forum) does seem to imply that FMB concurs that global warming as a concept is a swindle/fraud/hoax.

I have no axes waiting in the queue at the grinder's workshop here, I just honestly think it could be better named to something more neutral.

Edited to add: the link to the TV programme in the OP of the thread in question is now dead.
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