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fortean times magazine

  1. gordonrutter


    Latest issue just dropped. Wasn't expecting it! Monster Movies with Karl Shuker Monks and Nuns! Vatican X Files Fortean Venice Tiffany Thayer and UFOs
  2. gordonrutter


    Latest issue has just dropped through the letter box. 1950's UFO encounters covered up Psychic Archeology at Sutton Hoo Medical Curiosities Bathymetry and the Smurfs And the usual stuff.
  3. AgProv


    That time of the month has crept up on us again. FT444 is here... Goat glands for health and vitality! Gay vegetables from outer space! True tales of megalomaniac totalitarian science! And a fearsome creature called Fluffy! i am now going to go offline and start reading.
  4. Fabio Picasso

    Fortean Times Digital Collection

    I am trying to complete the Fortean Times digital collection. I have about 350 numbers. I would be interested in exchanging them with those who wish to be able to access the complete future collection on a Google Drive. From number 269 to 439 are complete. Most of the missing items are before...
  5. Tempest63


    In search of the Genuine Ghostbuster amongst other subjects. We must have a new postman for it to be delivered this early on a Saturday
  6. oxo66


    Wot no 442? Akron Poltergeist German Wild Men the Haunting of William Stevens ..and lots of other stuff including Princess Di-Morrissey Conspiracy Skibidi toilet and two pages of Hunt Emerson
  7. SmallGeorge

    Incomplete FT Collection From Issue 58 Onwards: Free To A Good Home

    As a result of a 'Swedish Death Cleaning' exercise I've been working through my massive hoard of bizarre stuff and have finally, after much uncertainty come to my collection of FT's. I've decided to give this to a good home. Due to a bit of a chaotic life back in the late 1990s (long story...)...
  8. AgProv


    Just back from a thrilling morning in hospital, having had another ride on the CTI merry-go-round... and. What - Already? FT441 (Feb 2024) is on the mat, having slipped through a time-warp from a presumed date of arrival for next week. We have to look forward to (or I will, as I intend to...
  9. gordonrutter


    January 2024 issue just dropped. Ghost scrapbooks of Tom Perrott St Pancras and King's Cross Take me to Your Leaders Alan Murdie looks at the Enfield Poltergeist adaptations on stage and screen. And the usual stuff and the start of a new series of interviews starting with our very own Richard...
  10. oxo66


    Christmas has arrived: Hythe Mothman Cursed video games Santa's saucers Strange Stories, Amazing Facts - Stu Neville on the Reader's Digest classic Penis snatching panics plus more 50th anniversary weirdness and 80s satanic abuse panic revisited
  11. gordonrutter


    FT 438, cover dated December, the 50th anniversary issue is here. Cover quotes on how good FT is. Satanic Panic Interview with Pat Spain Tales from the New Millennium
  12. DrPaulLee

    Fortean Times Bookazine On Ghosts & Hauntings

    From the archives of FORTEAN TIMES, the world’s foremost journal of strange phenomena, comes a new collection exploring the world of ghosts, poltergeists and haunted houses. The perfect collection for would-be ghost hunters, this special edition from Fortean Times investigates classic cases...
  13. U

    Fortean Times Magazine Word-Limit For Letters

    Could anybody please let me know the word count limit for letters submitted to Fortean Times? I can't find any information in the magazine.
  14. AgProv


    Here we go again: Spook Shows Jan Bondeson's Haunted Houses Nigel Kneale's Beasts Alien Corpses State Of The Spectral Nation First impression: the white envelope appears to be thicker, heavier, and more substantial. Somebody must have been listening to all the annoyed comments here about the...
  15. oxo66


    Post came early, just before 10am. Envelope dry and intact. from the FT's spine: UFOs over America Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose Richard Freeman's Gef Pilgrimage New Lands at 100 Peru vs Aliens oxo
  16. Tempest63


    A very wet copy has dropped through the letterbox. Margaret Murray and The Wicker Man are headlining and I will start to read it when it dries out. These paper envelopes are really not up to it. Maybe they should move to a compostable plastic envelope like some other magazines.
  17. R

    Advertising In FT

    Has anyone else been able to place ads in the FT? I've twice contacted them via the e-mail suggested to place an ad for a future event, with no response either time.
  18. gordonrutter


    434 just appeared. In Search of Past Lives Fairy Origins Arthur C Clarkes World of Strange Powers 3 Britain's Supernatural Beings Titanic Consoiracy Theories
  19. Ogdred Weary


    Just arrived, only finished the previous one last night. Coincidence? Prolly, yeah. -Postcards from Fairyland. -The Strange World of Arthur C Clarke continued - Garth Marenghi - The "real" Tattoine
  20. W

    Looking For A Photo Of An Uncanny Old Man Seen In Fortean Times

    I'm trying to find a photo I saw in a Fortean Times issue around 20 years ago, and I figured this would be a great place to ask! When I was a kid, we had a family friend who knew I was into aliens, UFOs, cryptozoology, and the like, and he was too. He had a subscription to Fortean Times, and he...
  21. gordonrutter


    Well, 432 has just dropped through the door. That's put a stop to my gardening. Arthur C Clarkes World of Strange Powers Bloody Mary Orange Pendek Balloon Espionage MH370 Ghosts of Sawston Hall
  22. gordonrutter


    Latest FT Interview with Henry Lincoln Nessie at 90 Celebrity Spooks Danny Robbins stuff Keanu Reeves and Fungus And did I mention the Henry Lincoln interview?
  23. Tempest63


    Witch Farm Military base ghosts Nazi UFOs First time postie has been this early in yonks
  24. oxo66


    Postie seems to be delivering 11:00 am-ish nowadays. Leila Waddell 1970s Public Information Films Chicago Mothman part 2 Visions of Dunblane and Conan Doyle and Stu Neville's obituary of EnolaGaia
  25. oxo66


    Only three weeks after 427. Chicago Mothman Bokkenrijders Forensics and forteana Ghosts of Glencoe and Sir Eric Gairy PM
  26. gordonrutter


    The latest has arrived. Cover article is the Readers Digest classic Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain. Cornich Folk Horror Dog cemeteries Musical apparitions LA Central Library
  27. gordonrutter


    A bit behind the times but just bought a copy of FT 29. This now means i have a complete run of every issue of FT. A celebration of some sort is in order I feel.
  28. maximus otter


    Satans’s Little Helpers! Supernatural Snobbery! The Spirits of Christmas! maximus otter
  29. maximus otter


    British Bigfoot! lndonesian apeman! UFO postage stamps! maximus otter
  30. oxo66


    Arrived lunch time. There's a hallowe'en theme: cover story Danish film Haxan, witches' travel plans, and Ghostwatch at 30. And haunted Bungay and Farnham.
  31. gordonrutter


    Latest has just arrived. Cover story is the Calvine UFO Also The Shelley Mysteries Rob Gandy finishes his Lincolnshire tales Tamam Shud
  32. gordonrutter


    Latest issue has just arrived. New paper stock for the cover, not glossy as previously. Never Mind the Warlocks - d and d type book related to devil worship Celluloid Curse - cursed movies Spooklights Oscar Wilde 2 pages IHTM
  33. gordonrutter


    The latest issue has just popped through the door. Cover article Driven Mad by the Great Sea Serpent by Chrles Paxton A Warning to the Fortean Atlantis at 100 Solar Storms
  34. maximus otter


    Cloudy With a Chance of Fish! Black Rains! Indian Fireballs! maximus otter
  35. maximus otter


    The Art of Murder: Sickert and Jack the Ripper! The Double Life of Thomas Kinkade! Why Barry Humphries Believes in Ghosts! maximus otter
  36. maximus otter


    Nigel Kneale! The Ghost of Kiev! Fox on the Rocks! maximus otter
  37. maximus otter


    The mysteries of Lookout Mountain! The Mumsnet Goatman! Britain’s first tiger victim! maximus otter
  38. FrKadash

    Wanted FT414, FT415 & FT416 Without Crazy eBay Prices!

    Hiya guys! I've missed two issues as I've had a hard up period trying to get the new JET Repair business up and running, and I have to get them as I haven't missed in issue in so many years! On eBay they are both available for £8.80 each(!) So if anyone has FT414, FT415 and FT416 for sensible...
  39. Tempest63


    Woo Hoo 416 is here, Boggarts, Demon Rabbits and the Wildman of Staffordshire. Something to peruse tonight in bed as I am on leave tomorrow so no need for an early night
  40. gordonrutter


    FT 415, February issue has just arrived. Dreaming of the future Marylands haunted boy (the inspiration for the Exorcist) Ghosts of Norfolk Feral humans Bullet stopping bibles Our very own Stu Neville on the Christmas ghost story The Mezzotint, hear from him on January's Edinburgh Fortean...
  41. gordonrutter


    Latest issue appeared. Offspring of Crowley Bricked up church doors Giant vegetables Bullroarers
  42. titch


    Just got back from having my Rona booster to find 413 on the floor. Bizarre board games, immoderate eating, Dr Dee and his magic mirror and NEEDLE PANIC!!!!!
  43. oxo66


    Dropped through my letterbox at noon. So is delivery on Wednesday a thing now? DB Cooper, Sharon Hill on bottomless pits plus the last part of Arthur C Clarke's mysterious world. Hunt Emerson's been moved to an inside page which threw me for a bit. oxo
  44. AgProv


    Mysterious and esoteric... Scunthorpe! For one night only in Watford! - The King! Elvis Presley! Hunt Emerson is back! (Agprov, doing a pp for maximus otter)
  45. maximus otter


    Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious world! Golden Dawn down under! The Sai Kung mystery! maximus otter
  46. maximus otter


    The Immortal Baby! The Sevenoaks jackal! Gauguin’s mystery birds! maximus otter
  47. maximus otter


    Space Liberace! Grimsby time slip! Tintagel sea serpent! maximus otter
  48. maximus otter


    Gypsy Ghost Stories! Phantom Cyclists of Lincolnshire! Wuhan Lab Leak! maximus otter
  49. Stormkhan


    Whee! Just in time for me to go to my local pub, go to my (reserved) usual seat alone - I was an antisocial git before social distancing was a thing - and enjoy a pint or three reading. Though I skimmed through and found myself namechecked in the letters column!
  50. maximus otter


    Dead Ringers: Mysterious phone calls from beyond the grave! The poetry of the ouija board! Rueful murderer turns to time travel! maximus otter