1. Ronnie Jersey

    My UFO Experiences Affected / Changed My Life

    Just like my life changed after I witnessed a flying vehicle 25 years ago with 3 other women - Now I know for certain that there are mysteries out there and that we don't know everything going on in the universe. And that we are not alone.
  2. henry

    Minor Strangeness (IHTM)

    Is it worth having a thread for minor IHTM strangenesses, that dont quite warrant their own threads, or should I be posting this in chat? I was in a bakers shop in chorlton, south manchester a couple of days ago. As I was walking towards the door on my way out, I noticed there was a poster in...
  3. J

    Spontaneous Fire After Using Ouija Board (IHTM)??

    Hi, i am a new poster here, but after reading through all of this i feel like i should add my (only) supernatural occurence. First, a bit of backstory. I am a student in Bournemouth, and this happened only a couple of months ago (possibly April or May 2004?). I dont know if you remember, but...
  4. A

    Experiences With The Ouija Board (IHTM)

    OK, I have this one on oath from our kid... About five years ago, my sister went to stay with a friend in Stockport. The friend had just bought an old planchette style board from a junk shop in the old Corn Exchange (pre bomb, obviously). They used this, producing the usual babble, then...